Spain: Police Called on Brothers Playing Soccer in Their Own Back Yard

Summit News:

Police were called after a neighbor spotted two brothers playing soccer in their own back yard in another example of how the country’s lockdown is being ruthlessly patrolled.

Philipp Bagus of the The Mises Institute writes about a case of “When two brothers were seen playing soccer in the garden of an acquaintance’s apartment block, the police were called.”

“People denounce playing children, who are regarded as harmful to public health, and put up posters saying “Quédate en casa” (stay at home),” he adds. “This is a block warden mentality. The most worrying thing is the high number of willing state collaborators. The parallels with the past are unnoticed. No one seems to care, and it is not even discussed.” read more

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  1. Went to Vons today. They’ve been in the fight day and night since the onset. Exposed all day. Asked the checker if any of them have shown as positive. “We’re good, no sick employees” was her reply. Shouldn’t this be where the canary in the coal mine would have died already? And all others are shut down?

    This bullshit boggles the mind. But the Trump comeuppance is en route. No mercy. MAGA all the way.

  2. When this is over it will make Jap internment in WWII look like a light touch says congressman. I think he’s understating the consequences.

  3. …Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

    “There’s hundreds of Shirriffs all told and they want more, with all these new rules. Most of them are in it against their will, but not all. Even in the Shire there are some as like minding other folk’s business and talking big.”
    -JRR Tolkien, “The Return of the King”

  4. It’s happening in our country as well. People are reporting everything to the government.
    Even the local disabled vet who had his leg blown off, who sets up selling produce was turned in. Just one man and his truck and his produce. Food I thought was essential, but apparently not unless it’s where the government says you can buy food.

    I had my grandkids with me today and took them in with me to get them something to drink at the convenience store after pumping gas. People were looking at them like they were going to give them the plague. Then they and myself apparently committed a sin because we crossed the blue line. We were yelled at to get behind the blue line. I was like, “what blue line?” The clerk pointed at the floor and they literally had blue duct tape on the floor. So I asked how the hell I was supposed to put their drinks on the counter behind the 6 ft line, I don’t have 6 foot long arms. So it was explained to me that you put your merchandise on the counter, then step back behind the line, they ring it up and then they move back behind their 6 ft tape line while you pay.

    I’m about done with the stupidity. Between the government and people they’re going to start causing people to break and the wild west the gun grabbers always claim is going to happen on our streets, really will start happening on our streets.

  5. I’ve been to Spain.

    I cheered for the Bull and the beer tastes like shit!

    I saw a bottle of the stuff at the liquor store and said in 30 years, since my tastes have changed, it might not be that bad.
    Nope! Still tastes like shit!

  6. Are husband and wife allowed to be in the same bed?

    Fuck Latin Europe! It is lost.

    The polish and similar minded Europeans are no nearly as Cuckolded!

  7. ,@ Old woman
    You should have put everything on the counter in the store, when they finally stopped you walk outside saying I change my mind.

  8. I stopped by our local Safeway last night and the have installed Plexiglass sheets to shield the checkers from the customers. Except they mounted them about 2 feet to far forward. Dumb shits.

  9. A great deal of public support and virtually no effective or meaningful public resistance.

    This is how they will eventually take our guns, as soon as they are through using this MSM driven panic to fine tune the technique.

    Watch and see, and you probably won’t have to be watching for a long time to see it.

  10. Chicongo will soon be the starting point under nasty black lesbian Mayor Lightfoot who has banned all outside activity of walking or riding your bike outdoors along the Lake Michigan riverfront. And they thought Rahm Emanuel was a bad mayor, wrongo, she’s far worse and a budding tyrant to boot. When is enough going to be enough?

  11. @Anonymous March 26, 2020 at 3:50 pm

    > This is how they will eventually take our guns, as soon as they are through using this MSM driven panic to fine tune the technique.

    You’ve just been hoarding them, anyway.

  12. No…..see, it’s a hit piece against the Franco regime in Spain…

    ahhhhh fuggetaboutit.

    :goes back to smashing incomprehensible LS engine with ball peen hammer:

  13. @Toenex, if it had not been I had already promised my grandkids their juice drinks I would have. It was my first reaction.

    Another thought that I didn’t do because I didn’t want my grandkids arrested for coughing was to tell them to start coughing loudly. lol

    I went to the gun store afterwards and those folks were not keeping 6 foot separation and neither did the people shopping in there look at the kids like they had the plague. Because my allergies are bad right now, I started coughing and actually stopped to see if anyone was calling 911, but not one person paid any attention. lol


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