Sparkes on Erica Thomas: “I am in the process of exploring with attorneys a defamation lawsuit against her.”

Patriot Retort:

Erica Thomas has no OFF switch.

A lot of folks, myself included, compared Erica Thomas — the latest Hoax Crime perpetrator — to Jussie Smollett.  But I’m beginning to rethink that comparison.

At this point, Erica has more in common with that drum-banging asshole and phony Vietnam vet Nathan Phillips.

She’s making all the same mistakes Phillips made – namely she just can’t shut the hell up.

The more Erica Thomas shoves her face into the spotlight, the more lies she’s forced to tell.

This is exactly what Nathan Phillips did.  He started out with one simple narrative. But because he kept giving interviews, he couldn’t resist piling lie upon lie.  By the end of his fifteen minutes, Phillips was playing armchair psychiatrist and mind-reader.  He told NBC News that Nick Sandman and his Covington classmates “were brought up to believe I’m less than human.”

Once he got going, Phillips couldn’t resist the temptation to double and triple-down.

Congenital liars have no OFF switch.  They are never satisfied with simply sticking to the original lie.  No. They always have to embellish by piling lies on top of lies until the whole thing comes tumbling down around them.


22 Comments on Sparkes on Erica Thomas: “I am in the process of exploring with attorneys a defamation lawsuit against her.”

  1. He said he’d be voting democrat for the rest of his life. He probably doesn’t realize it, but he’ll be voting democrat long after he’s dead too.

  2. Between the two of them I hope there’s no winner. Both carry the same stench and are as pleasant as sewer gas.

  3. This guy wants to file a lawsuit? Doesn’t he care that she’s pregnant and has a husband valiantly serving our country in the armed forces. Doesn’t he care how his remarks made her feel? Oh and doesn’t he know she’s pregnant? Not to mention she’s pregnant. Given all that he has the nerve to sue a pregnant woman? She’s pregnant you know.

  4. The article is almost correct.

    1) Sue and keep a giant photo of receiving the cheque from her in your office along with a letter of apology.

    2) Don’t refer to her as ASSHOLE. ASSHOLES are not as useless as her.

  5. She doesn’t really look pregnant to me!
    So if that is pregnancy, how does she even feel like carrying on over trivia to help, in her mind, the dimocrat cause?

  6. How can she be pregnant… she is a demoncrat after all, right?

    Being a black woman AND a demoncrat means that as soon as she realizes that she is about to lay some eggs she has to run not walk to planned murderhood and sell her baby-parts to the highest bidders… and that is before she gets her divorce so the welfare checks can begin to roll in!!!

    Either she gets with her parties program and murders her unborn child or she will have her demoncrat membership revoked! How dare she ignore the wishes of her master, satan and focus on her street-creds when those baby parts are needed for satanic rituals all over the country!!!

  7. I gather there is video of the confrontation. Not sure if there’s audio but the video should indicate which story is true. If she’s lying then her colleagues in the state assembly should vote for her removal.

  8. Billly, I still want to know more about the man who allegedly married her. From my experience, an enraged black woman with a kid in tow will talk loudly about a hypothetical husband, or pretend to talk to him on the phone about you and your racism. During the Ferguson debacle, my wife triggered one at a hibachi place and it was surreal.

    And scr_north, I believe the video will clearly show an aggressive, windmilling windbag bowing up on Sparkes.

  9. After seeing her tear filled whining performance, I thought her calling, her talent, is to be an actress not a politician. Only to later realize she could never be an actress because she can’t stfu at the end of her lines. She’s drawn to overact, ad lib & embellish too much. Driven by an urge just as strong as the urge to migrate with change in seasons in nature.

  10. What if…..

    Eric Sparkes resided in Rep Erica Thomas’s district…..

    and ran against her in the next election and won….


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