Sparse turnout for Ocasio-Cortez constituent meeting

American Mirror: Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez more important to the media — left and right — than she is to her own constituents?

The perceived rock star for progressives and Democrats wanting to increase socialism in America had trouble filling a townhall meeting this week in the Bronx.


Johnnie Williams posted a video of photos on YouTube from an Ocasio-Cortez meeting with constituents.

20 Comments on Sparse turnout for Ocasio-Cortez constituent meeting

  1. Maybe they stayed home because they are still trying
    to count the 25 billions for new jobs that she pushed
    Amazon to walk away with?

  2. Her campaign chest can’t afford to bus people in from greater New York. You have to pay those people*.

    *I would have attended had they promised cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes from Dicks (in Seattle), plus an undisclosed amount of cash, of course.

  3. Most people would be embarrassed to be seen with a woman that vapid unless the most common thing you hear is: “Pour me a drink!”

  4. Remember how the Dems’ resistance tactic after their loss in 2016 was to ambush GOP town hall meetings? Missed opportunity here. The apathy and scarcity of constituents here does not bode well for primarying her.

  5. Hmmm … is it possible that even the morons and imbeciles are having a difficult time trying to endure the shriekingly high-pitched, whining, disjointed maundering imbecilities of this harpy?

    You’d figure that, at least, the winos and hobos would attend – there had to be complimentary sandwiches and half-pints.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. At this point everybody has figured out that every time you listen to her your IQ drops 15 points.
    That can add up. Who wants to take the risk of AOC erasing their brain?

  7. @PHenry – So, if we keep listening to her Youtube’s, eventually we’ll all have to be carted off with spittle running down our chins?

  8. @jimmy.

    According to my calculations that would be true.
    Although I said -15 points can add up, which is oxymoronic.

    But who says subtract down?

  9. There’s going to be a nomination battle in that district or the GOP will search and find a charismatic, smart, well spoken candidate and pile dough in into his/her campaign. This is the best chance they’ve had in decades of turning that riding. Hell, the DNC may not give her very much support so it will be up to Soros coming out from behind the curtain.

  10. The “Phenom” (Time Magazine) half-fills a small auditorium in her own district.

    But, she’s the Boss, and don’t you forget it.

  11. @PHenry – Well, if we’re adding points, I’d rather just read here at iOTWReport. That way, at least my own IQ won’t diminish more than it already is with ageing!

  12. Mickey moussaoui April 20, 2019 at 9:48 am

    AOC looks like one of those inflatable sex dolls with her pie hole open wide.

    I won’t question your in-depth expertise on the matter and take your word for it.


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