‘Spartacus’ Booker wants to create taxpayer-funded savings account for every American born in U.S.



WaTimes: Sen. Cory Booker announced a new bill Monday that would establish a taxpayer-funded savings account for every American at birth.

“Today, nearly one in three American families have zero to negative wealth, and it’s hard to get ahead if you begin life behind the starting line,” said Mr. Booker, New Jersey Democrat.

The “American Opportunity Account Act” would essentially create a trust fund for every U.S. citizen born in the U.S. After age 18, the money can be accessed but only used for certain “human and financial capital investments” like buying a house or paying for higher education.

At birth, every child will be given $1,000 deposit into their new “Opportunity” account managed by the Treasury Department. Funds will accrue about 3 percent interest. MORE HERE



24 Comments on ‘Spartacus’ Booker wants to create taxpayer-funded savings account for every American born in U.S.

  1. It’s like cutting off a dog’s tail and feeding it to him…and then telling him he should be grateful for the fresh meat…

  2. I want my “Taxpayer funded savings account’ to be retroactive to me and my relations, some of whom have been here since the 1700’s. Most came after 1850. Reparations, if you will….Let me know so I don’t throw 3 bucks at the mega millions….Thank you for your concern, Willy….
    P.S. If you make this happen I’ll make sure your fucked up eye is fixed with the low bid stick I found in the park….eye patches are plan B optional….

  3. so sayeth Spurticus, Monitor of the Men’s Bathroom Stall

    … & admitted molester of teen-aged girls

  4. President Trump’s really drawing them out of the nihilistic/socialistic/totalitarian closet, isn’t he?

    The filth and insanity they’ve worked for a century (or more) to disguise is blossoming like “A Hundred Flowers.”

    Evil declares itself – calls for violence – mobs – incivility – harassment – gunning down cops – kneeling – praising the deaths of innocents – extolling the “virtue” of lies – promoting perversion – senselessness – “newspeak” – and the dismantling of the past.

    Lenin’s dummy is probably smirking (not THAT one – the one in his tomb).

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. ‘American’. A very slippery term for marxists.

    United States of America ‘American’? Or every human born in the Western Hemisphere? South American, Central American? Hell, for whatever reason other than geographical relation to the equator, Mexico is considered North American. How about Canucks?

    This concept, even if applied to only US citizens, is stupid on stilts, with a rubber chicken power stapled to its forehead.

    I could have used that free money when I was young. There were times when I couldn’t afford a decent bag of weed.

  6. And just like all the other entitlement programs (e.g. social security), these accounts won’t really exist, and money won’t really be in them. Any money transfers to these imaginary accounts will be to fund vote-buying programs, and any money supposedly withdrawn will be paid by current taxpayers.


  7. This is a great idea! The new americans can then use their “trust fund” to make a down payment on paying off their share of the national debt! Brilliant!

  8. Only a fool would get suckered into a scheme like this. Some day the democrats will look at those trillions of dollars and decide the democrats know best, will raid the funds, and put worthless IOUs in your account. Just like they did with Social Security.

  9. Just a reminder: President GW Bush proposed a related program where taxpayers deposited their own money in accounts along the lines of 401s. YOU owned the account, not the feds. So when you die your account is part of your estate, unlike SS when you die payments stop whether or not you’ve ever collected a dime. The democommies tore GWB a new one.

  10. A distraught guy desperately asked the bartender if she could get him a tall glass of garbage truck juice. “Why?” “I was coming out of the bathroom when Corey Booker Forced me back inside and kissed me. I need to get rid of that stench.”

  11. One day T-Bone tried to kill me, but I talked heart to heart with him and he grew to love me. He even did the Hershey Highway with me. Then I became a Senator and I had to drop him. I really like Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and Shep Smith, but they are all married to other boys. What a pity.
    Did I ever tell you about the time I drove my first car fron New Jersey to Hawaii?
    Great story.

  12. Not even pretending to be something based on “need”… this is veering very very close to: “I’ll pay you to vote for me.”

    (Hey Justice Kavanaugh — does the Constitution allow the federal government to do this?)

  13. The fucking guy is a joke. Only assholes from New Jersey, who can’t drive, or vote, worth a shit, would vote for this asshole.
    NewJersey really sucks. Their Gov. is a real asshole

  14. Corey thought real hard for 3 to 5 seconds to come up with this. Because of the acute mental strain, he might have to start wearing a hat!

  15. Relax, Spartacus is just bathroominating. He has to look original and pretend to be thoughtful, because that’s how Obumbler got the MSDM to embrace him. Things have changed. His people are getting restless about the competition for handouts from their bottomless pit of other people’s money.


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