Speak In Complete


I’ll try not. To speak in incomplete. Sentences today.

National Day Calendar – National Speak in Complete Sentences Day is observed annually on May 31st. This day is dedicated to using proper sentence structure while speaking.

It’s quite possible to celebrate the day while texting as well. So no LOL or ASAP on May 31st. So if you must Laugh Out Loud As Soon As Possible, you will need to say or type it completely and be sure to include a subject and verb that agree.

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  1. There is a protest beginning right now, 2 short blocks from me in The Peoples’ Republic of Santa Monica. Helicopters overhead. I’m going to take a quick look, from a distance, no way I am getting involved though. In fact community ‘leaders’ are saying not to go because of the violence that has occurred the past couple of days.

  2. Left Coast Dan- Be careful dude. Hopefully the rioters are pot heads and will get tired and go to the beach to lay down.

  3. I can’t keep up with all the special days.
    Didn’t we just have several weeks of ‘sentences complete’ days?
    You know- when they let all the criminals out of jail because of the wubonic flu.

  4. LCD

    I’m sure you are aware these are not your neighbors. Load that Glock 17 and your spare mags. If you are forced to leave tuck that thing in your belt, put the mags in your pockets and split. Stay safe and keep us updated.

  5. I would participate in ‘National Speak in Complete Sentences Day’, but I was distracted by my dog, who was….


    Maybe next year.

  6. You could write like that retard Anonymous we have who often refers to cheetos, proles, and Barbie heads.

  7. I walked down to see. My end is just the starting point, they are headed toward the pier which is where any action will happen. Probably will be a couple or few thousand.
    Meanwhile I’m going to go celebrate my dad’s 89th birthday.
    Wish I could get a CCW. But it’s L.A.

  8. *[“English”]*

    You know, Merry poppet does a great impersonation of ‘Anonymous’.
    Hilarious. I hope she sees the thread. lol

  9. Extra Credit- Using adverbs correctly.

    It is a pet peeve of mine. It grates on my ears. Too many people drop the “ly”.

    I am not pointing to anyone here. Just venting because lately I hear it often. Anyone else notice that?

  10. Left Coast Dan

    I’m not encouraging you to make a habit of this but, I’ve been carrying for 20 years, plus or minus. I carry everyday, all day. You know how many times I’ve been questioned if I’m carrying? Never. And sometimes when it get 100 plus here I get pretty sloppy. So in a situation like this I’d strap up permit or not.

  11. Offering my thoughts. Liberals always say what the mean and mean what they say, because, politics. Maybe it’s conservatives. I don’t know. Actually!

  12. Thanks Brad. This one didn’t warrant it (from where I was anyway, at the starting line), and I wasn’t planning to get close to anything. But if I think I need to I will carry mine.

  13. The things I have to worry about. I just sent an e-mail to a friend and I just know she is grading it as we speak.
    If only I had thought to check in here first, proofing my e-mails is usually accomplished by spell check and even that has been mean to me. 🙂

    Can’t every day just be speak like a pirate day?

  14. LCD- “…they are headed toward the pier”
    hopefully it is the short pier and they are going for a long walk.

    say happy birthday for me, and all of us, to your father on this special day. You are blessed to still have him. I hope that realization is what fills your day.

  15. Haha! Very true, Tuesday. Joe Biden:

    “We cannot let this, we’ve never allowed any crisis from the Civil War straight through to the pandemic of 17, all the way around, 16, we have never, never let our democracy sakes second fiddle, way they, we can both have a democracy and … correct the public health.”

  16. mmm- “I am not pointing to anyone here. Just venting because lately I hear it often. Anyone else notice that?”

  17. I propose that tomorrow be designated the
    National Action Against Verbizing Nouns Day.

    The nounizing of verbs also impacts us greatly.

  18. In honor of “Speak in complete sentences day”, Joe Biden ‘s spokesperson has announced that Joe will not make a statement for 24 hours.

  19. …ing. …ly. …ed. …er. …ally. …est. …s. …ment.


    Oops, sorry—I thought it was National Word Endings Day.

  20. Back from my parents. We talked about the protests/looting, my dad has 12-gauge and I suggested he load it. He has a lot more experience with shotguns than I do.
    My Airborne Rangers friend is texting me – from his barrio in Van Nuys – to watch out because Santa Monica is getting looted. Looks like stores probably but you never know. I am prepared anyway. Promenade a short mile from me.
    Here’s what happened in Santa Monica. I was at a very peaceful protest/march down Montana just 20 minutes ago that had zero issues. At some point, a separate crowd of scumbags formed and have decided to go hit the Promenade area and loot it.

  21. Dan

    That seems to be the pattern all over. We literally have no police forces right now. Nothing to stop this. There are Penal codes that give us the rights to protect ourselves. Before this is over I think we will be depending on them to keep us out of jail.


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