Speaker Pelosi: A Glass Of Water Could Win Election In AOC’s District


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently appeared to make a swipe at freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

During an appearance in London Monday, she urged Democrats against adopting more progressive policies if they want a better chance of challenging the president in 2020. She then pivoted to praise Democrats, who took over Republican seats during midterms.

Pelosi said if the left hopes to keep up its advantage in Congress then it needs to focus less on winning seats in historically Democrat districts. She continued, saying a glass of water could win an election in districts like Ocasio-Cortez’s.

“When we won this election it wasn’t in districts like mine or Alexandria’s, however, she’s a wonderful member of Congress…but those are districts that are solidly Democratic,” Pelosi explained.

The speaker’s remarks appear to be her latest effort to minimize the influence of progressive lawmakers on her party.


16 Comments on Speaker Pelosi: A Glass Of Water Could Win Election In AOC’s District

  1. Turns out it was a mug of Brawndo that won, but your point is well taken, Nancy. Although that makes Joe Crowley a shot glass of warm spit, I reckon.

  2. So what’s her plan to keep radical Communists from being elected in these deep blue districts? Who is to say that her successor (and let’s face it, she doesn’t have even 8 years left) isn’t going to be far left of AOC? What is Nancy doing to preserve our Republic? Dissing the Kommie Kiddies doesn’t seem to be working, Nancy. Get YOUR House in order!

  3. Why are these idiots traveling the World on Our Dime?

    WTF does Nancy need to do in London?

    Everything She needs to know is on a Computer…..

    In Pakistan.

  4. …you’re right, @Bobcat…sure would like to see the President take her plane again, but this time to stop her from coming BACK…

  5. She just wants them to be more discreet about their actual intentions. They have to learn to lie until they are in control again.

  6. Members of Ireland’s parliament are probably saying the same about her after she addressed them today. Wow. Hopefully they didn’t let her near the bar. KEEP HER! No take backs.

  7. Some people have little room to talk, and yet…..Some people have seen fit to give sidewalk shitter rights to its constituents-how’s that working out?

  8. Pelosi’s swipe at Ocasio is similar to what I’ve said about that incredibly stupid idiot. If Ocasio ever had an Original Idea and drank a glass of cold water at the same time, it would kill her dead.


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