Speaker Pelosi Rolls Out Plan-D: “Bribery”

Eye roll.

CTH: Plan-A  “collusion” didn’t work, because it never happened; no Americans colluded or conspired with Russia.

Plan-B “obstruction” didn’t work, because it never happened; the FBI and Robert Mueller completed their investigations without impediment.

Plan-C “whistleblower” doesn’t work, because the hearsay claims never happened.  The request to investigate corruption and potential Ukraine interference with the 2016 U.S. election was actually requested by many U.S. officials prior to President Trump.

Today Speaker Poli-Grip Pelosi moves to Plan-D, “bribery”.  See if you can make heads-or-tails of this logic: watch

13 Comments on Speaker Pelosi Rolls Out Plan-D: “Bribery”

  1. Now that she’s said Trump is guilty of bribery she’s painted herself in a corner. She has to have a vote on that along with the pretzel logic that goes with it. Can you imagine being a Blue Dog and being forced to vote on that?

  2. Her hand movements fascinate me. Did she just get a manicure? A new nail color? Is she drying her polish?

    Staring at her fluttering hands, I am so distracted that I couldn’t tell you anything she just said.

    It’s really better that way.

  3. Wait ’till they get to Plan 9. It’s from outer space!
    Aliens resurrect the dead of the Earth to vote democRAT!
    Oh wait-a-hold-it, that’s already been done…

  4. With Pelosi’s understanding of “bribery” virtually everything the government does that makes receiving aid or money based on some contingent action by the recipient constitutes bribery.

  5. Our founders were concerned with politicians TAKING bribes, not MAKING them.

    Speaker Pelosi’s dementia is worsening – she keeps shoo-ing away the butterflies, but they keep returning.

    If one takes an Oath to “protect and defend” the Constitution “from all enemies, foreign and domestic” and one then tries to undermine that Constitution, is it simply an oath-breaker or is it a traitor?

    And if another who has taken a similar Oath, recognizes an “enemy” either breaking its Oath and/or engaging in treasonous behavior, AND DOES NOTHING about it, is it simply another Oath breaker or is it, too, a traitor?

    Silence is Consent.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I’m pretty sure half a New York wouldn’t be there without bribery, it’s how things get done or they don’t get done. It may not be cash as much it is paying for unionized things you don’t need.

  7. Teachers then are always resorting to bribery and extortion. And yet they and the democrat party are joined at the hip.


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