Speaker Pelosi’s Son Made Money In Ukraine

Reports have suggested the son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have used her position to benefit financially.

One America’s Kara McKinney has more.

14 Comments on Speaker Pelosi’s Son Made Money In Ukraine

  1. Are we supposed to get excited about this?

    The DOJ and Senate Republicans could not care less and would rather drink hemlock than investigate a democrat. So why am i supposed to give a shit.

  2. This is truly disgusting, the dems enriching their spawn via Ukraine, and paying back Ukraine with our tax dollars. Its time to get the ropes ready.

  3. Why are there NO nutjob GOP crazies that lose their mind and go out and track down these children of the corn and blow them away? It would balance the process and help the world tremendously.

  4. Why do you think the Democrat/Communists are fighting Trump so hard? Our entire government is corrupt, from the Dept of Justice through the Intelligence agencies, Military Officers Corps and even all the way down the chain of Cabinet Depts…Agriculture, Education, Energy, etc. Even the Supreme Court is corrupted and rules by fiat instead of the Constitution.

    Our whole government has become a system of payoffs and bribes. Of course there are some Republicans involved in it, but not as many because they don’t hold the power and still have morals unlike Democrats/Communists.

    One man cannot fix this alone. It may not be fixable, that remains to be seen. It will take a massive ‘restorative revolution’ at a minimum. We all must be prepared for anything.

    And Mr Duggan, nutjob crazies are what the LEFT produces. The right produces Constitutional Patriots who believe in our founding and our freedoms. We THINK for ourselves and will not be used by others to further leftist agenda’s. IF and WHEN we move it will be by overwhelming force and speed to RESTORE the Constitution, not to destroy it, as your statement would suggest. Suggesting that random murder would “balance the process and help the world tremendously” is leftist lunacy. Seek professional help.

  5. @ Mark – I eagerly concede to your much more thoughtful and educated view. I do admit to a level of disgust that my ‘feelings’ lend to a desire for a much more simpleton approach to the Pelosi’s of the world. They are a leprosy upon this world and need to be cleansed.

  6. Kickbacks from aid to corrupt countries. Scheme #4,736 for politicians to loot the public treasury.

    So many politicians, so few lampposts.

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