Speaking of Dreamers… Lesbian Dreamers

I want you to look at this clip. It’s all of 3 seconds. It’s a short, very short, portion of the trailer for the 3rd installment of The Incredibles.

Okay. Did you see the part where Elastigirl drives past the convertible? Did anything stand out? Was there a secret message of any kind? Did anything seem.. queer?

Take a look at this.

Michelle’s Big Beaver sent this to me. People are pig-piling the original poster on Tumblr, and well they should.

This post of hers is troubling on many levels.

Elastigirl is recognized by a car full of fans. She waves back. This, somehow, is a signal that she’s a “friend of Dorothy?”

Furthermore, she knew she had to be gay because she was “way too gorgeous.” Huh?

Yes, there are lesbians that are good-looking, but what’s this notion that the more gorgeous a woman is the more likely she’s a lesbian? When did this become the standard? I’m pretty sure, anomalies aside, the more manly looking a woman is the more likely she’s a lesbian.

The other disturbing angle here is that we are TALKING ABOUT A CARTOON!!!

Yes, I’ve played the game where a group of guys sit around and ask “Ginger or Maryann?” and the guys won’t hesitate to answer even if they don’t know the other guys too well.

But if the new guy wanders into Wilma or Betty territory, the game doesn’t remain so enthusiastic. You have to be real good friends to start talking about your Jane Jetson fetish amongst strangers. But this lesbian shouts to the world that Elastigirl is  just “too gorgeous.” Odd.

As long as we’re analyzing a cartoon, Elastigirl is married with 3 kids. Does that not count as evidence of heterosexuality? No?

Lastly, what’s this supposed to mean that “2018 is a gays only event?”

Is this the ambassador for the LGBT “community”? Because she’s apparently thrown down the sparkly gauntlet of division and derision. Why?

How can I think of gay bashers as horrible people when it seems like, given the opportunity, gays would enjoy hetero bashing?


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  1. Actually what grabbed my attention was the one about New Math.

    Wherein it doesn’t matter if you calculate the correct answer, it only matters that you use “the approved process” to find the answer, even if the answer is wrong, you are given credit for a correct answer.

    Reminds me of a true story I read in a book decades ago. A student in a college physics class was given a test question. Describe how to determine the height of a tall building using a highly accurate barometer.

    The answer he gave was he would take the barometer to the top of building, along with a stop watch. Drop the barometer from the top edge. Measure the time until it hit the ground. Plug the time in the appropriate formula to determine the height of the building. The professor marked his answer as incorrect, even though he had calculated the correct height of the building.

    The student appealed to the dean. And was permitted to provide a different answer. Which he did. Going on to explain to the dean that he did not like professors trying to force him to think in a restricted certain way. And that he had considered several other possible answers. Including just going to the building supervisor and offering to bribe him with the expensive barometer in exchange for him telling him how tall the building is. Among other several other possible methods.

    Ah, here is a version of the story, only I may have recalled the sequence of answers incorrectly.

    The Barometer Story by Alexander Calandra
    https://www.mrao.cam.ac.uk/~steve/astrophysics/webpages/barometer_story.htm .

  2. ElastiGirl waves at her fans sorta embarrassed that she’s been recognized. That’s what I saw- but don’t look at the world with my “Bert & Ernie” glasses on.

  3. I looked up ElastiGirl to double check it was Holly Hunters’ character. ElastiGirl is in the urban dictionary. That’s all I say.

  4. She feels that if there were more people like her, even in cartoon form, then she would feel normal. And the rest of us are supposed to accept her as ‘normal’ when she cannot even accept herself the way she is. If she could accept herself the way she is, she wouldn’t bother trying to change everyone or everything else. Life is short and she’s wasting her time.

  5. i’m just going to continue to look at the world through a childs eyes and ignore the corrupt sadistic hollywood harvey weinstein mindset that i know is there but cant really do anything to me unless i acknowledge it’s existence.
    but, if they insist on keeping this charade up, i will gladly smote them. 😉

  6. The entire notion is stupid. A hot girl may well fool around with another of the wimmens to be “edgy”, or because she’s dirty dirty, but the notion that lesbians look like “lesbians” in porn is a fantasy. A lesbian in the wild dresses like a lumberjack with man pants, flannel, a wallet with a chain, and probably a 5 o’clock shadow.

  7. Exhibit ‘A’: Hitlery, DISPROVES the “gorgeous lesbian” myth right there! :barf:

    Exhibit ‘B’: Fatsie O’ Dumbbitch. :barf: :barf:

    Don’t MAKE me go to Exhibit ‘C’! 😮 😮 😮

  8. Lesbians are certain that all chicks who ride bikes are carpeteers. If you’re riding, gals, be prepared to be hollered at by a lezzie scrub hanging out the passenger side of her best friend’s ride.

  9. Riiiiight… So the man that she got jealous over in the first movie, the devotion she showed him and that he reciprocated was all an act. ‘Cause I NEED EVERYONE TO BE GAAAAAAYYYY!!!

    Go home, Saddy. You’re dumb.

  10. “she knew she had to be gay because she was “way too gorgeous.”

    That is funny. Go check out the LGBTalfabetsoup pride parades. The only gorgeous looking women are the trannies and there isn’t that many of them.

  11. I liked the new math bit having grandchildren and have asked the same question “Why would they change math?”.

    Not sure where they were going when at the dinner table Elastigirl says “Supers are illegal.” Trying to make illegal immigrants look sympathetic?

  12. So now if someone waves to me I can’t wave back because it will be signaling that I’m a lesbian?
    First the homosexuals hijack the rainbow. A symbol from God that He won’t flood the world again. Then they hijack almost every tv show. Then almost every ad has to be about homosexuals. Generously claiming to be a full 3% of the population. (Have you seen the new LG phone ad? I won’t be buying anything LG again!)
    Then lesbians hijack work boots and flannel shirts. I live in Maine and have always worn warm flannel shirts. I get hit on when I go out now when I wear flannel and a lesbian is nearby. Ugh!
    Now they are hijacking cartoons, superheroes and waving back at someone in a friendly manner?
    Too much.

    @Dan Ryan Galt, in the first Incredibles supers were illegal because of all the property damage they do.

  13. I personally know some lesbians and they are definitely not gorgeous. They may have been pretty little girls who were molested, but they don’t want to attract male attention now. I believe that they are actually fairly emotionally damaged.

  14. WTF? The cartoon is ugly as shit and looks like it was inspired by the old “Persistence of Vision” program that took 3 days to compose a 1024×768 frame.

    So, perverts see perverts? No real surprise, here. Perverts see perverts everywhere – and yes, the nihilists do, indeed, insert their perversions into their works – but Disney’s Pixar should be avoided for the simple fact that it’s ugly as shit and the story lines are moronic.

    izlamo delenda est …


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