Speaking of Tyrannical Overreach

NY Gov. Cuomo’s executive order about businesses requiring face diapers.

‘No mask — no entry’

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  1. remember folks …. they tell you to wear a mask, they don’t tell you how to wear it

  2. In L.A. you are required to wear a mask any time you are outdoors.
    You can imagine how that is going. Karen may be on the internet but an actual confrontation is pretty rare. And the police have no interest in enforcing.

  3. We are opening our doors Monday. We will limit how many come in at one time and put up a sign suggesting to wear a mask but will not deny entry. We’ve discussed this with the County Prosecutors office and the Sheriffs department. They both verified they will not move to shut us down or stop by for anything other than a serious call of an actual crime. It’s getting ridiculous trying to do this curbside service thing. There’s been a couple times where we’ve had to intervene to diffuse tempers of irate people who can’t handle the current situation or deny them business. We can keep better tabs on the workers inside the building. These are mostly young kids and they’re hating to come to work. Because they were students in college they missed out on all the financial giveaways so they really need to work and want to.

  4. He’s “authorizing”. That means nothing. It’s not law.
    He knows he’ll be taken to court if he orders it by law.
    So he’s getting the businesses to do the dirty work FOR him.

  5. Too bad someone with a conscience didn’t pass an order prohibiting the housing of virus carriers with vulnerable seniors so that Governor Manslaughter’s body count would be substantially lower.

  6. Many years ago, I worked at a company that required us to wear a tie. We sat in the middle of the manufacturing plant and never ever faced the customer (or if we did we would know they were coming). One of the guys, who eventually quit and who was also considered one of the important guys (because of the systems he supported), wore a clipon tie that he clipped to one side of his collar. He was “wearing” a tie.


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