Special Delivery


A woman was arrested this week in China after allegedly attempting to mail her newborn baby to an orphanage, CNN reports. According to the South China Morning Post, the 24-year-old woman instructed a courier not to look inside the bag when he picked it up for delivery Wednesday. But while he was en route to the orphanage in Fuzhou, the courier noticed movement and noises from inside the package. He opened it to find a baby girl—only a few days old—wrapped in plastic bags.

The temperature in Fuzhou at the time was approaching 100 degrees, and video from the scene shows bystanders attempting to hydrate and cool the baby while waiting for authorities to arrive, Shanghaiist reports.


8 Comments on Special Delivery

  1. People are shit.

    And people from China are total shit.

    Yes, they are noisy, but babies from 0-6 months old are absolutely precious and awesome. Soft, cuddly, they blink at you and grab your fingers with their hands. –So the dumb bitch stuffs it in a bag on a 100 degree day.

  2. Not reading the article, to tired. But I’ll bet the baby was a girl. The Chinese don’t seem to like baby girls. Figures. And we’re not wiping them off of the face of the earth why? WalMArt.

  3. The Chinese authorities agreed to give the mother her baby back when she gets out of prison? Oh, boy.

  4. This practice used to be legal in Eastern Europe, but it was discontinued because too many pranksters were calling up orphanages and falsely insisting that “the Czech’s in the mail”.

  5. Tragic that they make it so difficult and expensive for Americans to adopt these gifts from God. Some friends have twin Chinese girls. Absolutely the most adorable kids in the world. Always smiling or laughing. Superb manners for such young kids.


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