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Special Prosecutor Frames the Background of the Sussmann Case, The FBI Was Manipulated, Duped by Clinton Campaign

CTH: New York Times narrative engineer Charlie Savage is tweeting from within a packed media center at the E. Barrett Prettyman courthouse in Washington DC for the government case against Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann. [TWEET THREAD]  The mentions and notations, while skewed toward the self interest of media, give us a good insight into what is taking place in the courtroom.

First things first. All media reporting of this case will be done through the prism of their own cooperation in the perpetration of the fraud.  The MSM knew along with everyone else inside and outside of government, that their efforts to create the Trump-Russia conspiracy and collusion narrative were based on fraudulent pretext manufactured by the Clinton campaign.  They all knew it. They all acted collaboratively and they all engaged purposefully.

As noted by Charlie Savage, prosecutor Deborah Shaw, a member of the Durham team, delivered the opening remarks to frame the government position in the case.

The telling remarks came early: “Shaw addresses “the elephant in the room” – tells jury their feelings about Russia, Trump, Clinton can’t play a role in the case. This is about “our FBI” which should not be used as a tool by anyone, Republicans or Democrats.”  In essence, prosecutor Shaw is telling the jury the FBI were duped into the Trump-Russia conspiracy investigation by outsiders connected to the Clinton campaign.

That’s a critical baseline from the government we must understand and accept.  That baseline now indicates that none of the DOJ and FBI operatives involved in the fraudulent scheme will be held accountable by the Durham team.  “Our FBI should not be used as a tool by anyone,” yet they were, so sayeth the United States Government. more

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  1. So! The Michael Sussmann case is but only the satiating, hot meat thrown to keep us (Conservatives, Independents and anti-Uniparty Constitutionalists) playing the hope game?

    This will tide us over?

    We must have faith?

    Sounds like the FBI and DOJ and Congressional players in the Clinton/Obama game will be protected at all costs.

    Eat my shorts.

  2. Still counting ballots in PA and some counties say there are ballot misprints so it will be days.

    “Most transparent election ever once again!”

    It’s over people.
    2022 & 2024 might as well be called by Fox News…

  3. Wait, we have an expansive federal police force that was hoodwinked so easily? Take away their guns so they don’t hurt themselves and others, and close the place down.

  4. The FBI wuz duped and manipulated uh?
    Whats more believable is that they were willing participants! Duped and manipulated sounds like a flimsey defense once you get caught!

  5. Now we know what Durham’s goal was all along. Protecting the damn FBI and the rest if the deep state. I hate our government!

  6. But but but we’re just the F.B.I.!!!! You can’t expect us to see through such obvious lies!!!


  7. “Take away their guns so they don’t hurt themselves and others, and close the place down.” -manbearpig

    Just the FBI, or should we extend the closings to other agencies?

    “I hate our government!” -Hambone

    We’re off the rails.

  8. No doubt, James “ no reasonable prosecutor” Comey, was completely baffled by the brilliant finagling of the Clinton campaign. How embarrassing.


  10. “Special Prosecutor Frames the Background of the Sussmann Case, The FBI Was Manipulated, Duped by Clinton Campaign”

    “Special Prosecutor Frames the Usual Suspects over the Sussmann Case, and Posits the Whitewash of The FBI That It Was Manipulated, Duped by Clinton Campaign”

    Fixed it for ya!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. FBI=innocent young girl when boyfriend says he’ll still respect her in the morning.


  12. Now we all know precisely how Ralphie felt when he decoded the secret message from Orphan Annie.

  13. Strzock & page don’t seem to be mentioned.
    Those evil fuckers weren’t ‘duped’

  14. Evidently leaning heavily on the “Federal Bureau” portion while losing their shit on the “Investigation” part.
    No individual actually behind any this will ever sport handcuffs.

  15. “Our FBI” has an “Our Democracy” ring to it.

  16. Apparently the “special” prosecutor is just as corrupt as the FBI, the Clintons, and the rest of them.
    The FBI were not mislead or “manipulated” or “duped” they lied, with malice aforethought, to secure a FISA warrant from a complicit “judge” who surely knew the “evidence” was false, and the scam was sanctioned by the deep state traitors.

    Let the “special” prosecutor explain how the FBI lied, more than once, to secure FISA warrants, covered it up, and then lied about the cover-ups, all while being duped. How the FBI lied at Congressional inquiries while being duped. How the FBI lied and conspired with the CIA and Congress and the Media to subvert the Constitution and do great damage to this nation, undermining the electoral process, lying and deceiving their sovereign (us), and maintaining those lies, deceits, and treasons for years.

    I smell BULLSHIT.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  17. Apparently the judge is married to Lisa Paige’s lawyer.

    If the FBI is so naive maybe all their dressing up like picnic dads is just for play dates.

  18. https://youtu.be/M6tJQ05YJ58

    “With smiling words and tender touch
    Man offers little and asks for so much
    He loves in the breathless excitement of night
    Then leaves with your treasure in cold morning light
    Ahhh-ah-ah-ah, in cold morning light”
    -Leonard Nimoy, “Maiden Wine”

  19. So the FBI got hoodwinked by a bunch of politicians pushing a phony story. That’s the best they got, just tripping over your shoe laces, falling and driving your sword through your neck twice? Every body please check your shoes there’s a strong rotting, distinct smell of FBI BS in the air.

  20. Duped hell. They were complicit allies to the whole damn thing.

  21. Apparently the word ‘duped’ gets a new meaning (like ‘vaccine).

  22. the enemies of American freedom & safety: atf, cdc, cia, fbi, doj, irs, nhi, etc.

  23. “The FBI Was Manipulated, Duped by Clinton Campaign ”

    Bullshit. That’s letting the FBI off the hook. The Clinton campaign certainly tried to dupe the FBI, but the FBI knew it was bullshit and went along with it anyways.

  24. A extremely strong stench of bovine excrement.

    The government, FBI and media will spoon feed the US populous.
    That’s all that’s on the table.
    You’ll eat it and like it.

  25. Witch hunt nothing more. We all know he has dealings in Russia & with Putin, this will prove to be nothing more than someone investigations into those dealings. A crime to investigate if illegal activities happened & there were illegal activities, just that they covered their tracks.

  26. “The FBI Was Manipulated, Duped by Clinton Campaign”

    I don’t think the Clintons have that kind of clout. What do the Clintons have to offer anyone really. They’re like an old rag that you grab to wipe up what others left behind. Even a scrub brush misses a few spots. More propaganda and fake news, no one knows what to believe any more…only a few knows what the plan is.

  27. The rot in the Federal government has been exposed. You know it, I know it, and they know it. Once exposed it can never be hidden again. This actually is a HUGE win. Although few if any heads may roll rest assured that the vine will wither and die. Thank you, President Trump, had your place in history been lost we would likely be none the wiser.

  28. Clinton told the FBI “I won’t cum in your mouth!” and they believed it?
    And I’m pretty sure Comey didn’t accept that old “Check’s in the mail!” bullshit.
    Manipulation and dupe require a certain degree of simplicity and gullibility.
    Do these traitorous liars appear simple and gullible?

    I’ve got a bridge to sell in NYC.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  29. My interpretation:

    The FBI willfully collaborated in the
    criminality of the Clinton campaign.


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