Special Random Critters of iOTWr

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1 Supernightshade (Kodiak’s tribe)
2 Ghost (Hawk) over Hastings, NY
3 Dingo (George) This is George. He was a street dog. He was missing about half of his hair, malnourished & due to be put down at a local pound. My wife heard about him & as I type this he’s sleeping next to me.
4 Sturge
5 Russian bot (Ash and Meowsalot)
6 Truckbuddy
7 forcibly deranged (Logan) WHAT!??! You’re telling me I have to clear any attacks on mice and birds with YOU???!!!
8 forcibly deranged (ol’ Tux) Psycho killer/Destroyer of Worlds – In trying to transfer ol’ Tux to a kitty carrier to take him to his new home, he scratched daughter-in-law up and bit her hand enough that she bled all over the car.
9 Eugenia (Abra and her baby)
10 Corky (Squirrel) I walked in one morning and he was leaning against my window! He stayed there for quite a while.
11 Misterdux (Kolby and Kizzy) Sharing a moment together. Both have reunited over the Rainbow Bridge.

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  • Did You See Your Shadow? (for Groundhog Day)
  • I Love You – Valentine’s Day Critters
  • Critters That Look Like Famous People – Theme idea from Marco


15 Comments on Special Random Critters of iOTWr

  1. Tim – I’m retired too so every day is a Saturday except when Claudia shows up with her critters to give us a brief respite from the usual suspects in the news! Thanks Claudia!

  2. Thank you for posting this, Claudia, nice to see some old friends again, and meet some new ones. Nice break from the parade of two-legged animals we USUALLY get…

    …Kodiak lives on Grandfather Mountain, where he and his ladies are basically all rescues, along with eagles, cougars (the not-human kind), otters, owls, and an eclectic mix of other precious animals. He’s shown here during treating time, and this fellow didn’t miss a peanut.

    You ever get down to Northwest NC, it’s near Linville and about half-way up the mountain. Sadly, they disarm you at the base, but the neighborhood around it isn’t bad (its a ski resort town in season) and they charge you to drive up it anyway, so the threat level is relatively low, if you wanna see some special guys and some beautiful views…


    …now, if she’d just post the shot of the Shoney bear I met in Banner Elk, my travelogue would be complete…;)

  3. Thanks Claudia, always look forward to Sunday critters.
    @Ghost – great pic
    @Supernightshade – tell me that is at the zoo and not out your window.

    @Tim and TRF – Also retired, how true about the days, like the dowager countess on Downton Abbey said, What’s a weekend? Every day is now.
    (not to presume, but you guys probably did not watch Downton)

    @forcibly deranged – gosh what a face on that cat, you can actually see him saying that! Some of them can look at you and you know they’re calling you names.

  4. @Supernightshade – I did not refesh, must have been typing before seeing your post, thanks for the info on the bears, interesting.

  5. Marilyn
    JANUARY 19, 2020 AT 9:24 AM

    “@Supernightshade – tell me that is at the zoo and not out your window.”

    ..I WISH!
    …but, that would probably make it problematic to let the dogs out, though, so maybe it’s for the best thst it’s not…

  6. @Dingo – God bless you and your wife for rescuing George. He is a handsome fellow, and very lucky to have you. Bet you’re lucky to have him, too.

    P.S. I love gray-muzzled old dogs.

  7. Thank you, Claudia. Great way to start the week. Seeing all those critters makes me wish we hadn’t downsized.

  8. Afternoon everyone…and great pics!

    Not sure if it was intentional or not but today could have also been “Twofer Sunday”. I just love especially those kittybombs in some of those pics.

    @misterdux – tired after a game of one on one?

    @Eugenia – looks like baby is eyeing a fresh liter box!

    @Corky – I dig watching the squirrels also running long cable lines. I watched FOUR chasing eachother up and down a utility pole waiting for a light.

    @Russian Bot – does Ash know that Meowsalot is upstairs or vice versa?

    @SNS – thanks for that link!

    Thanks for the kudos on that pic as you’d imagine he’s hovering as a bird of prey will, overhead about 125′ plus, he was gone within a second.

    This is him here @Uncle Al and @Marilyn, I was driving and pulled over, stuck my head and camera and looked directly overhead:

    (Feel free to check out some other vids, very random clean good stuff,Blue Angels fly over for instance…)

    Was ‘stained glass window hunting’ this morning with Mrs Ghost as a matter of fact. It’s why I’m late to class!

    Went up to Amenia,NY. The drive up NY22 this morning in the snow covered fields and valleys was magnificent and saw some awesome barn structures and vistas.

    Thanks C!!! This is the best thread (of it’s type) on the internet and I am not kidding you. It has a great unique homey feel to it…



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