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Speeding Ticket Turns Into Possible 45 Years

Kelvina Freeman was stopped for speeding and was found to be driving on a suspended license, so the Milwaukee County deputies called a tow truck.

Kelvina decided she’d rather make a run for it.

Now she faces multiple felony and misdemeanor charges that could add up to 45 years.


I blame Milwaukee’s no pursuit policy that went in place in 2010. A recent local TV news reports claims police chases were up 130% last year alone.


18 Comments on Speeding Ticket Turns Into Possible 45 Years

  1. Too bad she didn’t plow through a #BLM roadblock during her freedom ride.

  2. Don’t worry Obama is going to let all blacks out of jail

  3. ‘Kelvina?’…now, there is some interesting naming rights….

  4. Wonder what she had in that car.

    Bet she’s running away for another yet uncovered reason, she’s more stupid than she looks, or she believes the BLM B.S. and is running just because.

  5. I suppose her brother’s name is Celcius.

  6. DWB strikes again. I don’t blame her in the least for running. White cops equals death for African-American drivers. Especially if they’re women. We’re standing with her and by her.

  7. She probably was worried that she would loose her car, and in turn loose her job. This is a sad story imo. Her fear/assumed disfunctional lifestyle (which is probably why she has an expired license) ruined her life.

  8. She endangered the lives of police officers, bystanders, her passenger and other drivers. She deserves to be incarcerated for 45 years, unfortunately, she may only get 15 years., if any.

  9. Rodney King should have stayed in the car.
    Kelvina Freeman should have gotten out of the car.
    Now she’s Kelvina Notfreeman.

  10. chuffedbeyondwords, Suspended, not expired.

    That means she f*cked up already with driving, not a renewal lapse.

  11. The passenger was her Mom.
    More like 0 degrees Kelvina.

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