Spokane decides to outlaw detention of illegal aliens by police

NBC: SPOKANE, Wash. — The city of Spokane has agreed to change its policies to make clear that police officers will not question or detain people to enforce federal immigration laws.

That’s part of a final settlement the city reached Tuesday in federal court with the ACLU of Washington and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.

The case stems from a 2014 traffic accident when the vehicle of Gabriel Gomez was struck by a minivan that failed to yield the right of way.

A Spokane police officer responded and contacted the U.S. Border Patrol to ask whether the agency had any interest in Gomez.


The officer issued a ticket to the other driver and then let that driver leave the scene. However, the officer detained Gomez until the Border Patrol arrived and took him into custody.

“I have lived in this community for many years, and to suddenly have the police turn against me after being a victim in the accident really turned my life upside down,” Gomez said in a press release. “I want to be able to trust the police.”

City officials did not immediately return a message seeking comment.  more here

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  1. And what other laws did he break other than being here illegally? Did he have a driver’s license or insurance?

  2. What he meant to say is, I’ve been taking advantage of you dumb gringos for years and all of a sudden you say I I’ve had enough. I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough, fucking gringos!

  3. As a lifelong resident of Spokane this sucks. Our city council is full of almost all liberal dickheads unfortunately and City Council President (he is a little guy suffering from little guy syndrome) is the worst, God forbid this little jerk ever becomes Mayor.

  4. …and if per chance one of the “undetained” happen to be responsible for a murder after the fact then I would sue the ever loving shit out of the city!!!!

  5. Does anyone else think Jose aka Poncho is a false flag poster? Either that or just a bigoted asshole. Either way, sod off you friggin prick!

  6. Our City Council president is little guy named Ben Stuckart who suffers from classic little guy syndrome. he is a worthless jackass who has been known to cut off debate if he doesn’t agree with you’re saying. He has an arch nemesis, an old guy who shows up at every meeting who can’t get a word in edgewise because he just shuts him up. And another fool who just blathers on and on about nothing in particular but he gets his 5 minutes to talk about nothing.

  7. Remember they are here to vote democrat for decades to come. Take their voting rights away for 50 years and see the media go ape shit.
    This has nothing to do with dreamers, it’s all about ramming democrats into office.

  8. Spokane is not a shithole, the people who run it are the shitheads and the idiot libtards who keep voting these bozos into office. Fortunately our Mayor David Condon has a level head but he’s totally outnumbered except for one or 2 council members who generally side with him.

  9. Mohammed’s pink swastika@

    Stick it you leftist false flag flying snowflake melting crud (and you are a racist to boot)!

  10. I am so tired of being told that illegals have extra-legal rights and that actual citizens have less rights than foreigners.

  11. So that’s the ACLU’s new gig. Bring a crap lawsuit against a municipality forcing them to settle or spend $$$$ defending themselves.

    So much for the liberties of the citizens comprising the city.

  12. If one law means nothing then how does any other law mean anything?!

    Without equal justice under the law, then all taxation = theft, because
    if my government shows preference to anyone, particularly against me, then I no longer should support the government (financially or otherwise) that acts against me.

    Fuck you Spokane City Council. You are traitors to your nation.

  13. @HungJumper JANUARY 12, 2018 AT 12:02 PM
    ‘So that’s the ACLU’s new gig. Bring a crap lawsuit against a municipality forcing them to settle or spend $$$$ defending themselves.”

    It’s not a new gig, this has been the MO of ACLU for decades. Our city backed down from ACLU about 5 years ago over an anti-panhandling ordinance. Smaller communities can’t afford to go up against ACLU’s hundreds of millions. I wish President Trump would declare them a Terrorist Organization.

  14. “I want to be able to trust the police.”

    I want The United States to become a third world sh1th0le.
    Welcome to America! Mr.Gomez.

  15. When Dick the Butcher stated in the play Henry V “First we kill all the lawyers” we ought to start with the ACLU then continue with the SPLC. Decades ago the ACLU was a force for good, taking cases to challenge government overreach, discrimination and other types of practices that limited freedom. For the last twenty or thirty years it’s gradually changed into a group that forces the views of a few on the many and makes a mockery of your constitution and it’s time for that to change. If you need legal help and go to hire a lawyer when you are interviewing them (and this should be done by anyone seeking legal services) find out what their view is on the ACLU, have they ever done any work for them or donated to the group. If they have, thank them for their time and find another lawyer. If you have a family lawyer do the same thing.

  16. Gee, I wonder whether the ACLU will stand beside them when the first lawsuit comes in from a family who lost a loved one to an illegal that was released without even notifying ICE of the detention in violation of Federal law. If that happens the ACLU will be hightailing it out of town and Spokane could be bankrupted. Then it’s tar and feathers time for the Mayor and council.

  17. scr_north, That family who lost a loved one will just be called racist and flagged as a ‘hate group’. ACLU is out for cash and prizes, only.


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