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Spooks in Silicon Valley Raise Alarms

JTN: As Congress and the courts delve deeper into federally sanctioned censorship by Big Tech, a troubling revolving door has emerged between the U.S. intelligence community and the Big Tech giants on the front lines of one of the fiercest battles over free speech in modern American history.

A Just the News review of LinkedIn employment histories of senior Big Tech executives found that at least 200 former workers of the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, National Security Council and Homeland Security Department have landed Silicon Valley jobs, many within content moderation units regulating supposed “disinformation” and disproportionately okthrottling news and opinion deviating from approved, left-tilting norms. 

These individuals range from Aaron Berman, who spent a decade and a half as a CIA analyst before joining Facebook parent Meta as product policy manager for disinformation, to James Baker, the former FBI general counsel recently fired by Elon Musk as Twitter’s chief lawyer over a spat about prior review of “Twitter Files” releases exposing past censorship by the platform. Baker was one of the key FBI figures involved in obtaining a FISA warrant based on the now-debunked Steele dossier to surveil onetime Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. more

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  1. Gov’t and industry have had an incestuous relationship since the founding. Timber, iron, ag, energy etc. Any industry that wanted a monopoly got one through gov’t intervention.

  2. These are growing pains of the digital age. Think of the pain when the printing press got figured out. Mostly pain for the information hoarding ruling cadre(s). Mass media, print, radio, worked for the cadres for propaganda. They have an even better digital situation, not only do they control the flow of information (imperfectly) they can identify the consumer of that information as an individual at a location.

    It’s springtime for Hitler, the dawn of a magnificent authoritarian era! The ability to control official narrative in a granular way combined with the ability to track any individual’s location and behaviors in real time is freaking fantastic for the wanna be (and actual) tyrants running this poor once great and free country. Now for some CBDC action and we’ll all be eating bugs in no time!

  3. Tony R,

    They have been since the decade after the Civil War. The oligarchy of 5 families controlled the country and discovered the usefulness of a federal spy apparatus in conjuction wuth controlling industry and the press. Sound familiar?

    Example: The war with Mexico, the war with Cuba. the first World War 1. All ignited by the federal spy apparatus and yellow jounolists.

    It became entrenched when the Military Industrial complex emerged from the federalism imposed by the Great Depression and WW2, the offspring of which was the CIA. The CIA and western intelligence has been in control at the behest of their Satanic global masters since 1948.

    Wilson laid the groundwork and permanent federal infrastructure for FDR who weaponized government against America.

    There is nothing new, just evolving and most sophisticated iternerations of the global cabal formed in 1878.

    DirectTV is now dropping Newsmax.

    In 20 years sex with children will be legal, guns will be illegal, freedom of speech will cease to exist. freedom of movement and freedom of association will be disallowed by law, federal policy and regulations.

    We will all be eating bugs and the concentration and centralization of controlled populations into linear megaplexes will be normal.

    Federalized government, technology, and Social Credit Scoring and digitized currency will be used to eliminate all our freedoms. The filibuster will be long gone and the SC permanently packed in the next 10 years.

    Patriots will be killed, arrested, or “re-educated” in federal camps. Our hands and foreheads implanted with chips connected to a digital coin.

    All privately owned gold, silver, and weapons will be confiscated.

    Private property will cease to exist.

    I am 64. When they come for me it will get bloody but eventually they will come for us all.

    Wish I could be more optimistic and maybe, just maybe the hand of Gud will intervene but I’m convinced the end of days is coming before I join my brothers and sisters in the heaven reserved for warriors.

    The ground work for Revelations is already here. Gog and Magog are forming. Amaggedon awaits.

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