Sports Illustrated’s First Trans Swimsuit Model

Are we still allowed to say ‘trans’?

I don’t know if another contributor has already done this story so forgive the repeat- It’s a few days old and normally I wouldn’t bother with an older story.

I heard about this swimsuit model but hadn’t seen what he looked like.
I just did.
On behalf of women, REAL women everywhere, this dude is an insult to the female form, the role, and the importance of the sex on Earth. Period.
[And on some level, it’s insulting to him as well.]

Look- You have the right to dress up how you like, you have the right to lie to yourself, but you don’t have the right to force me to accept that.

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  1. “Everything about Valentina is remarkable” – right, parading around your mental illness is remarkable. We used to get these people help, now we applaud their delusions. White men are glorified when they dress up and claim to be a women. And today making being a white man a crime I can see why this is becoming more prevalent.

  2. Our culture is obsessed with the ‘appearance’ of being female and not the substance of it, including many women. It’s really quite a put-down of femaleness, if you stop and think about it.

    There are some men, however, who hardly look at ‘appearance,’ but rather, behavior (except for the face). For them, fancy clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc., are not required and are very distracting, in fact.

  3. …If they were SINCERE that they believed they WERE women, they would NEVER let someone CALL them TRANS! Either you DO think you’re a woman or NOT! If NOT, then STOP ACTING LIKE ONE!

    …also, if they were any GOOD at it, I shouldn’t be able to tell, anyway, so SI or whoever should just be able to show me a picture of what’s obsensably a woman and leave it at that. If I can tell…YER DOIN’ IT WRONG!

    …I am fairly certain some of the ACTUAL female models they’ve displayed in the past were, in fact, crazy, but they didn’t bother TELLING people they were. Why are they telling people NOW? It’s not SUPPOSED to be about your phsychological kink, it’s supposed to be about pretty women in swimsuits! Guess they figure that, since they are MANIFESTLY NOT pretty women, they HAVE to tell us its a crazy person so they can call us transphobic and call the Supreme Court to write us a viewing ticket or something when we don’t redefine our standards of feminine beauty to include that which is NOT feminine.

    *cough* “Michelle” Obama *cough*

    …so this isn’t about a magazine showing beauty for beauty’s sake, it’s about advancing an agenda. I don’t read SI because I don’t care about all the OTHER stuff you have where spoiled billionares are pushing lying agendas ALREADY, but if I DID, it would be for, IDK, SPORTS, and NOT for someoene’s Cloward and Piven stragegy made manifest.

    …It’s not gonna work, SI. I know what a woman is.

    And YOU, obviously. do NOT.

    …we will not be joining you on your quest to redefine it, now stick that in your manmade “vagina” formed from folding mutilated penile skin and smoke it with your multiple partner homosexual pervert club, cause it ain’t selling on Main street…

  4. This isn’t a male. This is a person who is intersexed possibly also with AIS, whose parents originally started raising him as a boy but at some point in elementary school it was obvious to everyone that she was more girl.

    But. There’s no attention to be got or money to be made from the trans clapclapclapclap trend from being intersexed.

  5. @Brown Eyed Girl

    Probably none. You cant lose subscribers if you dont have any to begin with. SI lost me as a reader 30 Years ago because of their obvious attempts to inject whatever was the latest BRAVO SIERRA PC fad of the moment into the reporting

    This doesn’t surprise me. What I find hilarious is the attempt to portray SI’s latest woke atrocity as some significant cultural event. SI is about as significant nowadays as Newsweek

  6. …you know, since you had to bring poor Dorothy in it and Oz is a skewed imagining of Earth anyway, one has to revisit THIS scene and wonder if the Tin Man got any, eh, “tooling changes” made, and whether the Scarecrow got ALL his straw back in his pants…and come to think of it, what’s up the the bow in the Cowardly Lion’s mane…

    …if Oz were a Democrat, we’d have our answer…and he IS a theif an a liar, so…

  7. Degenerate faggots stealing jobs from infinitely better qualified women. This is wokeness defined.

  8. Too much to read.
    We know its fucking mental but does it have a dick or not?

    Canada’s Prime Minister wants to know.

  9. From a doctor friend:

    “I was born trans…” No one is “born trans”. She seems to have physical characteristics of both male and female. E.g. Narrow hips and wider shoulders, but male arms don’t angle out from the elbow. Males rarely have an upper tooth line in which the teeth angle down with the front teeth being lowest (some men do have longer front teeth but the tooth line tends to be straighter.)

  10. With all this stuff from Muslims to Transgenders, how is their circulation doing?

    Is it being affected by it?

  11. @BuffaloBob

    “She might receive a job offer as spokesperson for DICK’S sporting goods.”

    PERFECT! Since they got rid of firearms, everyone’s been calling them “DICKLESS” anyways! 😆 😆 😆

  12. That “it” makes Twiggy look like a voluptuous 42DD by comparison.
    (remember Twiggy? Back in the late 60s-early 70s?)

  13. This is ridiculous although it could have been worse, could you imagine a 4-page foldout of Stacey Abrams as the centerfold?


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