Spotify will remove Neil Young significantly improving its catalog

I have over 2500 songs in my Spotify playlist, not a one is a Neil Young song.

If a mangina could sing it would sound like Neil Young. I usually don’t like to shit on anyone’s birthday cake, I certainly enjoy music I am sure lots of you would hate, and vise versa. But Neil Young sounds like he is singing from hospice.

Hate him.


Spotify is in the process of removing Neil Young’s catalogue of music from its service after the artist published — then took down — an open letter with an ultimatum: deal with the vaccine misinformation coming from Joe Rogan’s podcast, or lose Young’s music.

Two days after the letter was published, Spotify is now in the process of removing Young’s music from the streaming service, a Spotify spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter.

“We want all the world’s music and audio content to be available to Spotify users. With that comes great responsibility in balancing both safety for listeners and freedom for creators. We have detailed content policies in place and we’ve removed over 20,000 podcast episodes related to COVID since the start of the pandemic. We regret Neil’s decision to remove his music from Spotify, but hope to welcome him back soon,” the spokesperson told THR.

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  1. Neil Young… in case you forget (which is easy to do) it rhymes with dung!
    Then there’s Spotify. Their stock is down 30% (due to COVID they say?!?!?!?!) but a lot of people I know just say MEH… don’t need ’em.
    Two losers trying to grab headlines.

  2. “Neil Young sells 50% of publishing rights to his entire song catalog to UK investment fund. The deal gives Hipgnosis the rights to the worldwide copyright and income interests from 1,180 songs composed by Young, and has been reported to have cost around $150 million.”

    He did this in 2021.

  3. Joe Rogan’s Spotify deal is believed to be $100,000,000. Why would they side with an old, crusty, washed-up, hippie over the guy with huge numbers of listeners that they would owe mega millions if they breach his contract?

  4. Mr. Irrelevant just made himself even less of a presence in the world to make some stupid point about how above it all his music is?

    These hippies from the 60s have hung around too long at this point.

  5. Neil makes sounds like 2 cats with their tails tied together slung over a clothesline.
    This business of calling things what they aren’t has been going on for a while calling that racket “singing”.

  6. ^^^ “Hipgnosis the rights to the worldwide copyright and income interests from 1,180 songs composed by Young”

    you just know they’re gonna sue the daylights out of him for trashing their investment.

  7. I seem to recall he sold some or all of his catalog some time ago, so he has no business telling anyone anything.
    Cunts that don’t consult a GOOD lawyer before flapping their big lips deserve to get fucked – just ask Stormy Daniels.

  8. As a singer, Young makes a damn fine saxophone player.
    As a composer, he’s right up there with Pee-Wee Herman.

  9. He’s crying on Daryl Hanna’s shoulder right now. 🧜‍♀️

    “Neil Young confirms he married Daryl Hannah in push to get Americans to vote. The 72-year-old rock legend advocated for gun control in the message on his website. … Young, 72, recalled how moved he was back in 1970 before writing “Ohio” in honor of students killed at Kent State University.” Nov 2018

  10. Neil Young is the only known hominid to have his vocal chords in his sinus cavities, and his cerebral cortex in a small cavity under his left pinkie fingernail.
    Taxonomists are considering putting him in his own unique classification: homo putrida pelvii.

  11. @NIDCatholic Who knows! Both are activists. They protested down the aisle for the collective good I guess. 🤪

  12. Spotify, but hope to welcome him back soon,” the spokesperson told THR.


    Joe Rogan has millions of listeners, I bet you ask some 20+ yo who Joe Rogan is, and they can tell you. Ask the same who Neil Young is and they couldn’t tell you. Furthermore if that’s a real pic of Neil, I’ll place a bet that he won’t be with us at the end of the year.

  13. How can he exercise rights to his music that he sold years ago?

    Something has changed in a day. It started out with Spotify not even blinking because “Neil has no say in it anymore”. And now they are following his direction like they don’t have a choice?

    I need more info. What I have doesn’t add up. If Spotify doesn’t really have to pull the music, what’s going on?

    Joe’s podcast has been attacked by cancelers for quite a while.

    But the efforts are stopped dead in their tracks by the contract Joe has with Spotify.

    Neil is just the latest to learn this lesson.

    All hail the solid contract that works in your favor!

  14. P.S. Something I learned today was he is married to Daryl Hannah. Total WTH moment for me. The article I read suggested she was the one that wrote the open letter because it was quickly taken down – maybe by him since he had sold the rights to his music and had no right to demand anything like this. She might have had a hand in this.

  15. Have you seen HER lately? She looks like one of the Darrell’s from brothers Larry, Darrell and Darrell. Holy shit!

  16. @Jethro, I have “Sweet Home Alabama” on my list, too. Can’t stand Neil Young, either.

    I’ve never listened to Joe Rogan. It’s time I do. 👍🏻

  17. @CC
    Don’t assume Rogan is a conservative. Sometimes he interviews batshit crazy libs and agrees with them on libtardish points. It can be infuriating.
    I suggest you start out by watching some where he is interviewing rational conservatives.

  18. I hope Neil Young will remember
    Southern man don’t need him around anyhow

    Young was good when he was a tragic young heroin head. He was finished musically by age thirty five.
    Now he’s the reincarnation of the old boy redneck he decried in ‘Alabama’. And to put the cherry on top of that birthday cake you so thoroughly shit on, Young is no more aware of his own bigotry than those old boys were back when.

  19. Rumor: Young is buying a house in OldCootville. It’s a village for old washed-up rock musicians. Other old coots are joining him there to form a new rock band. Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr and Grace Slick will be part of the band. They’re trying to come up with a catchy name and are asking for suggestions.

    Mine: The Hangin’ Jowels.


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