Spotlight on Matt Christiansen – IOTW Report

Spotlight on Matt Christiansen

This guy is very, very good at what he does.

His thoughtful commentary on the culturally significant news of the moment is vastly superior to nasally, fast-talking egotists. Not that I have anyone in mind.

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  1. *Very* good! I couldn’t get enough of him and watched all three segments. His thinking is tight and his presentation pleasant, indeed (unlike Mark Dice who screeches too much, although he’s funny, not bad, often.)

    I don’t know how often Matt does his essays, but I hope to see more of him here.
    ….Lady in Red

  2. A pleasant voice in the wilderness. Another fine source, thanks IOTWReport.

    Speaking of voices, I’d rather listen to a artivicial voice box than aoc. valley girl on steroids. cripes. Fingernails on blackboards.

  3. Yes he is good. Logic & common sense.
    Unfortunately his argument is TOTALLY
    lost on people like her and they can NEVER
    be made to understand plain common sense.

  4. I saw this guy for the first time a few nights ago. Very impressed. My other new favorite is “Think Like a Cop”; check him out.

  5. So… every time I see a uniformed LEO in public I walk up and thank them for their service to our community. Just me. But my kids now are looking for the opportunity. I owe them a debt I could never repay, I decided to go a different way in my professional career and others did too, but they stuck with their calling and for that I always try to do my part.

  6. Soldiers too, thank you for your service my friend and a big smile. Thank God some decide to put their lives on the line for what we believe in!!

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