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Spring Is Here

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1) TennDon (Wood Ducks) Spring is Near. Looks like the Wood Ducks are getting ready to raise a family.
2) Hambone (Fawns) A group of fawns sticking close to each other while eating.
3) Tim-FJB (Fawn)
4) PHenry (Turtles) Forget sneaking down there on foot. Forget the motionless statue in lawn chair. Wife thinks they can smell me and suggested I cover myself in goose poop. I agreed but said I would not shower again before bed today due to my delicate skin. Ultimately I just drove down with my diesel kubota tractor.
5) dee (Missy) Age 11. Missy, my great orange male. Indoor-outdoor cat who has helped us by killing many mice and other pests over the years. We thought he was a girl and he had already learned his name. 4 years ago he beat the crap out of a yard invader feral cat who limped off and there was a fur pile left to show for it. He has provided lots of fun and love. We got him when he was a few months old because our daughter cried for him so I said okay.
6) dee (Missy) Just turned 19 on estimated Bday yesterday (March 15). Still kneading but has to do it on the floor.
7) Dadof4 (Screech Owl) This guy is sitting on a trellis watching a hole in a nearby tree about 25 feet in front of him that the female is raising the brood in.
8) SNS (Fawns) …but they’re FAUNS.

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22 Comments on Spring Is Here

  1. 23F here this morning, high today of 38.

  2. Tomorrow is the first day of spring.

    19F here and I think the calendar is lying!

  3. Wood ducks!
    Great collection and a great way to start the week!
    Thanks, Claudia!

  4. Driving home last night, the Snow was Blowing on a 45 deg. angle, 13 deg. C wind 31 km/h.

    3 more weeks minimum until spring up here.

    Global Warming My ASS!

  5. 32dg.
    Winter waited till Spring to show up.

  6. Great photos as always — Thanks Claudia and contributors!

  7. TY Claudia for putting up my “baby” cat! I will be sharing this one next

  8. Notice the wood ducks are standing on a tree branch.
    When have you ever seen a duck on a tree branch?
    Probably never, unless you were looking at a wood duck.

  9. Where to start?

    Bluebills, Buffleheads, Loons, all in front of the house on the annual migration. And of course the resident mallards and geese never leave. Gives the dogs something to chase for treats. “Get off my lawn!”

    And yes a few woodies that are a bit more secretive than the rest of the crew.

    Thanks again for your usual “Sunday Smiles” Claudia.

  10. “Spring Is Here”
    Fox agrees:
    (copy and paste into your search tool)

  11. Jethro,

    The neatest deal I ever saw was the baby wood ducks being kicked out of the nest in a Catalpa tree next door. Amazing how high up and they fluttered down like lead weights. Thought for sure they’d be injured, but they simply got up, scooted over to the top of the seawall, jumped in the channel and swam away with momma.

    Many moments when you wish you had a camera…

  12. Done with Winter. Can’t wait for Spring!

  13. Wagon Tows
    Hiya Missy
    Beans Beans

  14. It’s not too hot here today, but a robin was in a neighbors yard yesterday, in beautiful downtown upstate NY.

  15. We’ve had first-of-Spring days 3 or 4 times in the last few weeks. Monday and Tuesday being the last two. It’s gotten chillier every day since Wednesday.

    Was surprised by the freeze warnings the last two days. It should reach 53 today. Quite nice for working in the yard.

    Texas. If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.

  16. Great shots!
    The biggest reason to come to the site on Sunday morning. 😸

  17. Luv the wood ducks!
    The robins have been here lower Mich.

  18. Missy the ol’ warhorse. Reminds me of ours when we were growing up, Max, that was one of the most gentle tomcats around. For several years we’d find squirrel and rat torsos on the front porch. I still think of that cat every now and then he’s been gone for nearly forty years.

  19. How much wood could a wood duck chuck
    if a wood duck could chuck wood?

  20. We’ve had robins hang around all winter in western NY, some years a group of juveniles (I think) maybe 12 to 15 decide not to migrate. They stick close together in a flock.


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