Spring is on the way! The trees already have buds on them!

Via  Rockland, MI

h/t Sharon

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  1. I planted two mandarin trees a week ago, with our
    wet weather we’ve been having, it looks like they
    are gonna take off.
    So, when do the bud cans fill up and break
    the branches?

  2. ….Didn’t know they ever made a ‘7’ pack. Price wise, it’s good enough for those of us that can’t afford the finer things in life.
    Hopefully that may change if the liberals are put in their place.

  3. The melody of the rural wind chimes.

    It’s called the Money Tree.
    On special Lunar holidays
    The chimes magically turn into cash.
    But you lose the chimes.
    But with the cash
    You can make more.
    Circle of Life.

  4. I wish winter would never end. Summer brings out the street corner drug dealers.
    I have to start carrying extra mags and I look like I’m off to war.

  5. Reminds me the story when the nurse handed the doctor a Bud Light as he was examining a patient.
    Dr. Proctologist said, No , that’s not what I wanted. I asked for a butt light.

  6. Just before we got 28″ last week we had a week of very mild weather. My tulips were starting to sprout (about 2″ high) and then they got hit with all that white crap. I hope they can recover. My wife loves her some tulips.

  7. It will be 95 today in the Texas panhandle and the trees have zoomed past buds into blooms already.

  8. @Which I am March 20, 2017 at 3:17 am

    > I wish winter would never end.

    Me too. A house full of dogs, and a city full of gangbangers. You never know what’s gonna melt into view, but you always know it won’t be pleasant.

  9. Just started reading, Hampton Sides’ book, “In the Kingdom of Ice”, the story of George DeLong’s expedition on the ship USS Jeannette to find the North Pole, in 1879.

    When the ship was loaded at Mare Island shipyard in July 1879 among the food stores were: barrels of brandy, porter, ale, sherry, whiskey, and rum, plus cases of Budweiser.

    I think there were no tree branches above the arctic circle to hang the cans on. That year was the crew’s last spring.


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