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St. Louis Looters Released Due To Soros-Backed Prosecutor

Washington Examiner

St. Louis, Missouri, released more than 30 protesters arrested during George Floyd demonstrations since Sunday from jail.

St. Louis police arrested 36 people between Sunday and Tuesday. That includes the 25 who were arrested during protests between Monday and early Tuesday morning when four officers were shot. All have been released without charges, according to St. Louis 5 KSDK.

The potential charges included misdemeanors and felonies for burglaries, property damage, assault, stealing, and unlawful use of a weapon, among others.

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Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt pointed the finger at St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner in a Tuesday morning tweet. More

Gardner blames the police for not providing admissible evidence that would allow her office to pursue charges. Here

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  1. JDHasty

    Did you see this shit? Cops are officially stupid. “Hey, there’s a camera, let hurt somebody.” You can’t justify this shit. I wonder how much their pretty little SS uniforms with the custom plate carriers costs. My problem is I’m old and can remember a time when a cop would pull an old guy like this aside a speak with him and give him a pat on the back when it was over. An ambassador for the city.

  2. Is it he who was rubbing his mask on the officers claiming he had the virus? I read somewhere earlier that he was yelling about infecting them. His mask is in his hand, not on his face. Curious isn’t it that video evidence never ever shows the entire situation. It would be nice if there was a chance to get the whole story before guilt is decided by the mob. Good cop? Bad cop? Justice?


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