St. Louis man who went viral defending his property speaks out on ‘Tucker’

10 Comments on St. Louis man who went viral defending his property speaks out on ‘Tucker’

  1. Keep in mind that everything in the video is what happened AFTER they came out the front door with their guns. As McCloskey said, the ‘peaceful protesters’ were moving toward the front door, were very close, and he felt were a threat to destroy the home and to harm them. A lot of things suddenly change when a gun is pulled out – and as with most ‘viral videos’ we aren’t given the full context.

  2. If they don’t vote republican from now on they are ABSOLUTE fools (instead of normal fools).

  3. The next morning, he was on CNN and Cuomo started the interview with him asking him how it felt to be the face of Anti-BLM.
    You would think that maybe he would have an inkling that conservatives actually support him but I am afraid he won’t. He will continue to support all liberal causes and vote for Biden.

  4. He sounds like a bleeding heart liberal so I hope this gave him a little perspective about those in the other party he likely used to curse.
    “I don’t understand why they came after me, I’m a good guy, not like those horrible republicans!”

  5. My neighbor texted last night that antifa has made claims on all LEO’s in our area. According to info he received, they have done surveillance on his house. Well, it’s been 25 years since I’ve shot a weapon, but I can guarantee you that I won’t wait until they are breaking through my door. I will shoot when they scramble over the fence and then God help them. Our ‘Dead End’ street may be just that…a dead end.

  6. If I were a poor, inner city black person: I’d hate them too since it’s liberals like them that have caused most of their problems.

    Hey CCNV, a dead end street may be a perfect kill zone since there’s one way in and out, just put one or two people at the entrance of the street and two or three at the other end with overlapping fields of fire and it’ll be an Antifa turkey shoot.


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