St. Louis Prosecutor Releases “Exclusion List” Of City Cops – IOTW Report

St. Louis Prosecutor Releases “Exclusion List” Of City Cops

St. Louis Post Dispatch-

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner will no longer accept criminal cases from 28 city police officers and is reviewing any open cases they handled for “viability.”

Gardner delivered the list of officers to the police department Tuesday, calling it an “exclusion list,” according to documents obtained by the Post-Dispatch. More

17 Comments on St. Louis Prosecutor Releases “Exclusion List” Of City Cops

  1. then just funnel all of the criminal cases through the officers not on the list! they are after all a team and this is a team effort.

  2. Ensure that any emergency required at the fool’s house be answered by those on that list. I’m sure that they will be more than happy to take their time answering.

  3. In my old jurisdiction (in FL), from time to time there would be cops the prosecutors didn’t trust, but it seemed they still handled it on a case-by-case basis. Probably led to more charges being dropped or pled down, but never an “exclusion list”. The bad cops eventually weeded themselves out one way or another most times.

  4. Prosecutors not attacking the peasantry because Party members in good standing have a history of lying? Why… why… that’s un-American! Right? Mr. Comey?

  5. OK fine, the Trump Adminiatration should start disqualifying cases with any involvement by certain DOJ, FBI and Special prosecutors pronto. Their testimony is demonstrable tainted due to their history of malfeasance and worse.

  6. My obama and other (d) induced cynicism makes me wonder about the races of the defendants in the various cases as well as the races of the police officers in question .

  7. She’s an unbelievable SJW type. What she has done is to completely eviscerate the StLPD. No matter what the offence, the accused and their lawyers will point to this and claim the arresting officer(s) should have been on the list and it was all racism and stuff.
    If I was on that PD, I’d quit immediately. Let StL deal with good citizens without a police force. And I say this while living very near StL.

  8. In my younger days as a prosecutor in a suburban New York prosecutor’s office, we had a total of 1 police officer who had an issue with my office……his disciplinary file was the cause, and if we prosecuted any of his cases, we were required to turn over a substantial packet of information to the defense attorney before we went to trial. Needless to say, we didn’t prosecute many (if any) of his cases and he got his 20 years in and took a hike to Florida with his pension.
    This isn’t an unheard of policy in a DA office, but this bimbo in St. Louis should move to Baltimore and see what chaos she can whip up with the bitch from there.


    The police department is too corrupt and tramples peoples’s rights far too often. If they would discipline their own cops, and fire those that ruin the public’s trust INSTEAD OF COVERING UP FOR THEM there wouldn’t be any need to nullify their actions making them police officers in name only.


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