St. Louis Prosecutor’s Office Tampered With McCloskey Pistol – IOTW Report

St. Louis Prosecutor’s Office Tampered With McCloskey Pistol



The pistol Patricia McCloskey waved at protesters who broke down a gate to trespass on their private street was a non-operable ‘prop’ used during a lawsuit they were involved in, so a member of Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s staff ordered the crime lab to disassemble and reassemble the gun – allowing them to classify it as “capable of lethal use” in charging documents filed Monday, according to KSDK5. More

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  1. Gardner is the one who should go to prison for 40 years for being a Soros scumbag.

  2. This type of activity should result in the responsible party losing any future ability to practice law as well as be sentenced to serve the maximum penalty that the party they were acting against was threatened with. No possibility of any sentence reduction…

    Oh bullshit, just a cigarette and a blindfold at sunup

  3. How the hell is that not evidence tampering, and why the hell isn’t someone being prosecuted for it?

  4. the rule of law is dead and buried.

    The only kind of justice you can get in the USA depends exactly on how much money you have to spend…. otherwise you get to experience the Just-Us system which entitles you to an up close and personal experience in the totally corrupted for-profit police/court/prison trifecta of perverted laws and “deals” where the DA acts like bob barker but no matter what door you choose, you will lose when it comes to this game.

  5. I don’t think “Crime Lab” means what you think it means?
    And we should trust the government because?

  6. Where is the DOJ? Is Barr going to make a speech about this and do nothing else?

    Remember when the DOJ went after Joe Arpaio on a bullshit charge, all because of they really wanted to get his ass for revealing the fake bc?

    ONce again, we have a republican admin and doj that will not do jack shit.

    The republican party is not going to save me, you, or any law abiding citizen from jack shit.

  7. Right. The GOP is a bullshit scam. Our only hope is Trump.

  8. …not that I’m a fan of Democrat evidence tampering (nor am I surprised by it), but maybe we should talk a little about how UNBELIEVABLY stupid it is to point a NON-FUNCTIONAL weapon at someone who wants to KILL you…it raises the stakes, escalates to a deadly force conflict, and if they DID come at you, you may as well be holding a squirt gun for all the GOOD it’s gonna do…

    …don’t bring a nonfunctional, unloaded, or even non-Condition 1 gun (or 0, better STILL) to ANY fight. All your doing is raising the stakes and increasing the odds it will be TAKEN from you.

    Don’t point a firearm at anything you are not IMMEDIATELY prepared to KILL.

    …so now they know.

    …and that doesn’t bode well for NEXT time…

  9. If anyone is still operating under the assumption that the Republican establishment is not part of the progressive movement and just playing the roll that the Democrats have scripted for them after we witnessed two years of what that despicable little rodent Paul Ryan did…

    That should be a wake up call. Like anyone who was paying attention before hand needed to be woke to their duplicitous nature, but that was so transparent and obvious. He was so obviously dry shaving the country that it can only be willful ignorance of what establishment Republicans have to offer at this point.

    I have been saying for decades that establishment Republican are more of a danger than the worst Democrats. I was saying it when others were defending reelection of Arlon Sphincter et all.

    Nothing will be done and we have the Republican establishment to thank for that.

  10. The only way there’s any type of justice here s if the McCloskey’s sue Gardner in Civil court for everything she’s got and then demand her law license be revoked.
    They claimed his AR was inoperable too. I wonder if they fixed that. In all likelihood, fixing that pistol required parts. Pretty brazen shit.

  11. sns-from what I read, they rendered the weapon inoperable after the incident but before they turned it over to their attorney. IOW it was functioning properly when she was pointing it at the thugs.

  12. cslamer – you’ve heard communists say power comes from the barrel of a gun?
    Often so does Justice.

  13. Who fuckin cares?

    A pack of feral urban terrorists attack you, you defend yourself. PERIOD.

    This is called “muddying the water” or “blowing smoke” – it confuses the easily confusable and sets the compliant media on an irrelevant tangent.

    Gardner has thrown in with the forces of evil – she is using her office to promote nihilism, socialism, and chaos in order to (help) destroy America – she is a traitor, an oath-breaker, and an office-abuser.

    After her trial she should be executed – by some ridiculously slow dipping mechanism.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Tampering with evidence. It’s a helluva law.

  15. It doesn’t get more illegal than that. This is a clear violation of chain of evidence under the 4th amendment. It’s basically manufacturing evidence. The state AG should file changes against that coon fascist Kim Gardner.

  16. Looks they’re following the current fashionable federal LE trend/SOP emanating out of Washington DC of manufacturing evidence of a crime by people they don’t like and want to ruin.

  17. @Bad_Brad — Have you ever run across a pistol where a “field strip” includes disassembly to the point of extracting the firing pin and spring? For my Hi-Power, for example, that’s part of a detailed disassembly, not a field strip.

    This means that restoring the firearm to operation (and Brad may have a good point about this required adding parts not originally found), it would take a tech / armorer with enough experience to diagnose the problem and effect the repair.

    This is unmistakable evidence tampering.

  18. @MMinAR: there is Video proof the crime lab tampered with the gun, but none that the McCloskeys did.

  19. 4 terms of Bushes should have told you that, Anonymous-or did you just start paying attention recently?
    A PD armorer worked on that gun; I doubt anyone in the DA’s office has the skills. In light of that, is there a reliable chain of evidence possession that shows where it went & what was done with it?

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