St Louis School Suspends All Students Walking Out For Gun Control – IOTW Report

St Louis School Suspends All Students Walking Out For Gun Control

Sparta Report: More than 200 students who walked out of class are facing suspension now after their high school told them that they would be suspended if they left the school to protest for gun control.

Riverview Gardens High School in St. Louis administration officials told the students in advance that there would be consequences to them skipping class if they decided to leave the school to protest in favor of gun control legislation and against gun violence.

On Tuesday morning, the students left the high school around 10 AM to protest, carrying signs like “Teachers don’t need guns!” and other left wing messages. One sign said “Is your semi-automatic worth my life?”

Of course, the left wing hysterics and platitudes screamed out by the students completely ignored that the FBI and several other jurisdictions failed to follow all warning signs and to act in multiple cases to prevent the shooter from being able to prepare for his attack. Nor did they attack any of the Broward County Sheriffs who cowardly, perhaps even criminally, stood outside while kids were being slaughtered.

The leftist student leaders of the protest said they want “background checks for all gun sales, a ban on bump stocks, and other gun control measures.”  MORE HERE

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  1. Time for another CNN townhall…”should students have to go to school?” They can pick the most annoying freshman to be the national spokesman. Come on Wolff, what are you waiting for?

  2. Monkey see; Monkey do.

    “Let’s all do the same things, and dress the same, to show off our individuality.”

    Being suspended from High School just means that their indoctrination is slowed.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. No problem, the suspension just equals a few more days off which they be happy about, plenty of extra time to mob the mall.

  4. Only 200? I’d a figured the whole skool would split. Was the skinny troll Hoggit hanging with the bruthers and sisters? Nope.
    A little off topic but I was successful in messing with Delta yesterday and it worked.
    I tried to book a flight with CS to Wakanda. The frigging lady actually tried looking for the flight b4 realizing it isn’t real, I laughed and hung up. Good times

  5. Riverview Gardens is an embarrassing shithole among shitholes in STL, corruption, theft, racial discrimination, poor educational outcomes. I’m surprised they even made the threat, let alone followed through. They must be trying to keep the MO state certification that they just got back after losing it for years.

  6. When I wrote earlier, I hadn’t looked up the school district.
    “Monkey see; Monkey do.” may be inappropriate.
    As well as the notion that they all try to look alike.

    Probably not the case. I’m sure they’re all Rhodes (Cecil Rhodes; Rhodesia? Zimbabwe? Heh heh) Scholars on their way to Medical School to become Rocket Sturgeons.

    Just a bunch of patriotic Americans exercising their 1st Amendment Right to make absolute fools of themselves.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I’m surprised they didn’t get extra credit, rather than a suspension.
    Understanding liberalism and its zeitgeist is beyond me.

  8. In house suspension would have been better. They spend the entire day in one room and can’t do any school work so still have to make it all up.

  9. All it will take is about 10 parents of these brats to show up at the next school board meeting, and all will be forgiven, all records expunged.

  10. Hehe, some of the kiddies were whining that the fence around the school wasn’t high enough. Didn’t they get the Democrat memo that walls are forbidden?!

  11. I believe I was the 3rd post to this thread and stated that the students would be forgiven very soon. I was wrong, the “suspension” lasted about four (4) hours!

  12. sduspension….yes but add in 40 hours of community service that is overseen by the cops, or principal etc so they can make sure the kids did the community service. i would suggest picking trash up off the roadsides, raking and trimming cemeteries (sp), placing flags on the veteran’s graves, washing the cop cars, working in homeless shelter etc. Let them see what the real world is all about.

  13. These public school districts need students in classrooms regularly to justify their bloated budgets and to have Stalin like control over the “education” of future Statists. St. Louis government leftist stooges only care about gun control when it means more control and high school students can’t vote -yet.

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