Stacey Abrams’ non-concession speech

AT: Stacey Abrams, though clearly beaten in the Georgia governor’s race after numerous recounts, is not only not admitting to defeat, she ain’t fergittin.’ Kind of reminds me of the Old South response seen in the Confederate defeat of 1865. After all, it was a Democrat show that time, too.

So here she goes:

“Let me be clear: This is not a speech of concession. Because ‘concession’ is to acknowledge an act is right, true, or proper. As a woman of conscience and faith, I cannot concede that. But my assessment is that the law currently allows no further, viable, remedy.”

It’s quite a long speech and it has its heartfelt moments condemning various unremarkable instances of incompetence among poll workers — not enough ballots, signature police making bad calls, poll stations not open, lines too long, which she seems to think affected exclusively pro-Abrams Democratic voters in blue districts. Odd, given that Democrats run the show in those precincts, and funny she didn’t mention it, but let that be. As Republicans who have suffered from similar and even worse Democrat incompetence in deep blue states, we can relate. She actually makes a good case for electoral officials to get their acts together, and announces she will be forming a new group to ensure it, which, if sincere, is probably something good for everyone.

But she falls flat on two fronts: Why does she think she won? more here

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  1. Where’s her money coming from? Find that out and make it public. If she’s not creating anymore lawsuits then she’s sure as hell using leftover campaign money to do something. Investigate and find out if it’s legal. Screw accusations of Racism because they’ll never go away with these types. The new Governor needs to make electoral reform one of his biggest projects (Florida needs to do that as well as launching investigations into Broward county)

  2. “Black Hillary Clinton.”

    Even wearing the purple to her nonconcession. Hillary thought Georgia was hers, too. It wasn’t. We are still hanging on to sanity down here.


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