Stacey Abrams Rewrites Recent History

Listen to this lying POS, errrr, POC.

13 Comments on Stacey Abrams Rewrites Recent History

  1. I think I screamed at her, back in 2005, on G street, “Get the fuck out of the fucking road, crackhead!”

    May have been a different dipshit, but how the hell would I know?

  2. she got the memo Harris is out so she is rewriting her resume and trying to redact “insane bitch” portion of her qualifications.

    Too bad for her the internet is forever.

  3. It seems that disgusting Sweat-Hog, like Bobby Francis O’Rourke, is trying desperately to get through life without having to get a real job that requires actual work.

  4. Hambone,

    I don`t know, I really liked Buckwheat.
    He was not mean spirited and always smiling.

  5. This shameless dishonesty accepted as politcal discourse has gone from ridiculous to just plain offensive to me. WTF Georgia!


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