Stacey Abrams Won’t Concede – Talks About a “Do Over”

Brian Kemp – 50.5%
Stacey Abrams – 48.6%
“This election has tested our faith. I’m not gonna name names, but some have worked hard to take our voices away, to scare us away, to distract us, but our vision is clear and we see the finish line…If I wasn’t your first choice, or if you made no choice at all, you’re gonna have a chance to do a do-over.”

Georgia state law dictates that if no candidate receives a majority of votes, the top two candidates enter into a runoff election. According to NBC News, such a runoff would take place on December 4.

The narrow margin of Georgia’s gubernatorial election results brings attention to the multiple allegations of voter suppression that have been made throughout the race. Republican candidate Brian Kemp currently serves as Georgia’s Secretary of State, and some have criticized his defense of a voting law known as “exact match.”

The New York Times reports that under “exact match” law, new voter registration information is checked against “the Social Security Administration database or a database maintained by the state Department of Driver Services.” If the information isn’t an exact match, the registration is moved into a “pending” status.


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  1. Brian Kemp – 50.5%
    Stacey Abrams – 48.6%

    Isn’t 50.5% a majority?

    Certainly close enough for the Demonrat’s Voter Fraud machine to weigh in.
    And she STILL didn’t win?

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. There are still a shitload of mail in ballots from counties that are typically democrat. Those have not been counted as of right now.

    We’re probably headed for a runoff.

  3. How soon before she grunts there’s too many wypeepo on the GA board of elections and other racist excuses? It’s coming.

  4. Either way it bodes really badly for Georgia. That this savage zoo animal has gotten ths close to winning tells us even Georgia is doomed. How could they have turned so left to be literally nearly insane?

  5. I like how FOX told everybody that the House was going to go overwhelmingly Dem before half the country even finished voting. Yeah, well, what did they get? 20? lol.
    Were they hoping to make the R’s stay home? What dicks.
    This is why I don’t watch any of them. I watch Tucker Carlson on you tube and ignore the rest of those assholes.

  6. Native Georgians are now in the minority, just like so many other once solid red states… I’ll leave it up to you to figure out why that is…

  7. MJA, I knew Fox News was gonna skew the prediction when I stopped for coffee in the AM and saw Karl Rove on there yammering away. At least the sound was turned off.

  8. Let’s be honest. If the positions were reversed, and there were enough mail-in ballots to change the final tally to where Kemp wins, we’d all be urging Kemp not to concede but wait for the complete count to be done.

    That’s not to say that Abrams is anything other than a fat, greedy, entitlement-addled, ignorant, stupid, Constitution-ignoring, rights-scorning tub of lard just chomping at the bit to try to force Georgians to toe her ill-defined line.

  9. Mike Brown is an American Hero, My lesbian, former-leftist-now-Trump-supporter sister moved to SC from her beloved Decatur two months ago. She said Tank Abrams would win, and that GA is already gone Third World. I disagreed, but only on the timing. I figured Tank would lose by 5 points, and we had another 5-10 years of sane state government. I was wrong. The 2020 census is going to reveal that GA is half-black.

    Metro Atlanta is D.C. South now. Too many federal jobs for affirmative actioneers and black crony nepots. My sis worked in state government her whole career, and she’s says the state government will rapidly go down the shitter when blacks take over. I do not doubt her. Sorry to be so bluntly racial about this, but history agrees with me.

    My kids will all be out of high school by 2020, and my wife and I are already planning our exit strategy. Blacks have ruined the county (Dekalb) I grew up in, the city (Atlanta) I grew up in, and now they’re going to destroy the whole state. We were thinking of retiring to Florida, but it will soon be a CA East shithole, too. Looks like SC has at least a decade before it rots. Maybe we’ll make a stand there with my sis. I don’t know what my kids will do, though.

  10. I don’t know if Stacey even understands about the last minute mail in ballot (if this is what it’s about). She just wants to count until she wins. Even if it takes a year. lol

  11. I’ve never understood why they can’t manage to count ALL the ballots in a short amount of time, nor why early voting or mail-in ballots are even allowed. Conveniently “finding” or mistakenly “losing” ballots happens way too often too. This is an invitation to voter fraud. Ohhhh, answered my own question.

    Election day is just that – ONE DAY. Keep the polls open the entire 24 hours – 12:00am to 11:59pm – and that’s it. You must be present to win. Sorry, but even Mary and Joseph had to personally go to Bethlehem to be counted, they didn’t call it in. Only active-duty military and people like ambassadors, covert agents, etc. who are considered “active duty” and can’t return to the U.S., should be allowed to cast absentee ballots.

    Indiana’s voting was a little different this time and I ENTIRELY approve. Driver’s licenses were scanned and matched to the BMV database, and that’s more secure than most because it uses facial recognition before a license is issued. When the DL passes, a receipt is printed and that license can’t be used again (I saw this with my own eyes when the clerk didn’t realize the receipt was printed and tried to run the DL again and it wouldn’t allow it).

    Taking these kinds of step and other ways to prevent voter fraud are simple, reasonably cheap, and necessary in this day of BAMN.

  12. “I don’t know if Stacey even understands about the last minute mail in ballot (if this is what it’s about)”

    This is what it’s about, partially…

    “…A federal judge in Atlanta issued a temporary restraining order Wednesday [Oct. 31] for elections officials to accept ballots and ballot applications with signatures that don’t match what voters have on file…”

    Gap-toof thinks she wants a “do-over”. I don’t think she’s thought it through. It’s impossible to replicate racial enthusiasm and a carefully-planned voter fraud scheme which was intended for one-time use only.

  13. Several years ago, I left a blue state for the red state of Georgia. I’ve watched it degrade into blue seemingly overnight. Might be time to get in front of the locust swarm and find another temporarily red state.

  14. OT I suppose, but I’m stunned by how many fellow “citizens” born to freedom seem to prefer government provided slavery.

  15. Oprah must feel like a real failure this morning. I’ll bet she will find another black to back in two years. Perhaps she will find solace reading some of those literary masterpieces written by the unelected authoress out loud to herself in her boudoir. What happened? The Black Wave didn’t happen.


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