Stalin and Biden agree: who gets to count the votes matters more than who gets to vote – IOTW Report

Stalin and Biden agree: who gets to count the votes matters more than who gets to vote

American Thinker:

By Ethel C. Fenig

Speaking maskless at a holiday fundraiser celebration for the Democratic National Committee last night, December 14,  President Joseph Biden (D) admitted to  the assembled a fundamental totalitarian voting principle which Democrats  across the US, and now in the White House, have used for years, 

“The struggle is no longer just who gets to vote or make it easy for eligible people to vote. It’s about who gets to count the vote – whether your vote counts at all,” Biden told a crowd of a few hundred donors and party officials at a gathering at the Hotel Washington. (bold added) READ MORE

10 Comments on Stalin and Biden agree: who gets to count the votes matters more than who gets to vote

  1. Talk about not having knowledge of history or anything resembling self awareness.

    Or maybe he does and does not care. Fuck off plebes. That’s how I won. What are you going to do about it?

  2. We all know their ultimate plan as we sit by patiently waiting for the opportunity that may never arise.

    If that opportunity fails to present itself, it is believed that at the last possible moment the silent majority will rise up with a thunderous explosion never before witnessed in modern history.

  3. Liberals have been aware of how this works for decades. Which is why “Bush Republicans” hired DOMINION to count votes. LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU B. KEMP!
    You KEMP fabricated part of the 16,000,000 to 25,000,000 imaginary Joe votes!

  4. I can hardly wait for this inscription on the statesman Joe Biden’s memorial.

  5. … and, as with everything else the bastards project their own sins onto others who have absolutely no history of pulling the shit they have a documented history of pulling.

  6. Just a minute, lifts right leg, rips off a big, wet loud fart. I feel sorry bout your loss, but that was for free. Now we can call it even.
    That which was never owned, can never be stolen. The perp who started this crap will be locked up

  7. I came to the same conclusion after the last election. Even a senile old man can figure that out.

  8. They installed a demented, crooked, old bastard with the mental agility of a small plant stand.
    Of course they committed fraud! Big Time!!

    Sippin’ Coffee – Jackass Joe’s memorial will be a sculpture of “The Eternal Sphincter” replete with a flame fed by a sewer pipe fueled with the waste from the local Taco Bell!
    I guarantee you won’t wanna be downwind of it!

  9. The counting process has evolved somewhat since Landslide Lyndon was perfecting the art of securing 100% of the dead vote in Texas around 80 years ago.

    Before long, we’ll have presidents as popular as Hugo Chavez, Vlad, Rocket Boy, and Saddam, getting north of 98% of the votes.

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