Stand Back! Jimmeh Carter Wants to Go to North Korea and Talk to Kim Jung Un

(NEWSER) – Jimmy Carter wants “to prevent a second Korean War,” and so has offered to meet with Kim Jong Un, per a University of Georgia professor who met with the ex-US president. Park Han-shik spoke of Carter’s plans to South Korea’s Korea Joong Ang Daily amid rising tensions between Washington and Pyongyang, the Hill reports. “Carter wants to meet with the North Korean leader and play a constructive role for peace on the Korean Peninsula as he did in 1994,” says Park, who helped arrange Carter’s visits to the North in 1994 and 2010. He says Carter would travel there to discuss a US-North Korea peace treaty and the “complete denuclearization of North Korea.” Such a trip would require US authorization, as President Trump has banned US citizens from traveling there since last month. Carter detailed his concerns about the possibility of another Korean War in the Washington Post last week.

Trump himself may take a trip to the region—not to the North itself, but to the Demilitarized Zone separating North Korea from South Korea, Reuters reports, citing a report in South Korea’s Yonhap. The president is visiting South Korea next month, and sources tell Yonhap the White House sent an advance team to check out potential sites in the DMZ for Trump to visit. Reuters says such a visit, which would bring Trump within yards of North Korean soldiers, would “likely be regarded by the North as highly provocative.” In other news, a lawmaker tells the BBC that North Korean hackers reportedly stole a large number of military documents from the South’s defense ministry last year. The documents are said to contain US-South Korea wartime contingency plans, details on military facilities and power plants in the South, and even an assassination plot against Kim. South Korea has yet to confirm this.

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  1. So sayeth the retard that caused the Iranians to go full metal muzzie in the 70’s. YGBSM. Maybe Jimmeh’s allowance isn’t enough and he’s looking for attention.

  2. This same narcissistic, delusional, failure of a president claimed he “negotiated” a deal with “rocket man’s” father to stop development of nuclear weapons while Bill Clinton was president.

    “In 1994, during Bill Clinton’s presidency, he persuaded Kim Il-sung to freeze his country’s nuclear programme in a deal that may have averted conflict with the US.”

    This from the British, leftist Guardian rag.

    Jimmy F’in Carter and his ilk are exactly why America is in mortal danger from North Korea today. The very reason Kim Jung Un is a threat today is because leftist morons like Carter enabled this crap for the last 3 or so decades, just kicking the can down the road until an American president was FORCED to deal with the problem which is now much larger because of feckless, incompetent boobs like Carter, Clinton. both Bushes and Obama.

    It took some effort to actually find links to Carter’s FAILURES in his supposed “negotiations” with North Korea under the Bill Clinton regime because the search engines are now corrupted to hide reality from people today who seek the truth about why this is now a true threat.

  3. Didn’t know he could still walk and talk let alone consider diplomacy.
    My old friend Bugs always had a comment about this clown:

    What a maroon!

  4. This fool never has figured out that he’s nothing more than a buffoonish laughingstock. “step aside, this calls for a seasoned and measured elder statesman”. Get um Jimmie

  5. Jimmy Carter; Bill Clinton minus the evil disgusting satanic wife and the 18 rape victims and 16 digit bank account.

  6. He could give the Panama canal to Kim as a peace offering.
    Oh wait, he already gave it away? Sorry.

    yep, he was a foreign policy guru.
    Put a couple of ounces of drugs in his luggage and sent him to the Philippines. Problem solved.

  7. Yeah, get Jimmie on it. He’s just about got Venezuela’s troubles past them and will be free to bring his awesome skills to bear on the Norks.

  8. As President,this old fool
    broke everything he touched.
    Why “old stinky” keeps bubbling
    up to do more damage is a
    mystery to me.

  9. MSM: “Trump is determined to start WWIII over NoKo. It couldn’t possibly get any worse.”

    Jimmah: “Hold muh warm beer…”

  10. Jimma and Johnny McCain should both go. They have brain cancer, have 2 feet in the grave, bat shit crazy, and if luck by on America’s side, they both die in North Korea. Give them a one way ticket and be done with it.

  11. If Jimmy Carter ever had an original idea and a cold drink of water at the same time, it would kill him dead.

    His brain is as empty as the empty suitcases he and his mean-as-a-snake wife “carried” to give them the appearance of being regular folks, during his Reign Of Terror

  12. Yeah, get Jimmie on it. He’s just about got Venezuela’s troubles past them and will be free to bring his awesome skills to bear on the Norks.

    Half the reason Venezuela is in the situation it is is because that old socialist fuckhead blessed Chavez’ first bogus “election” because he was trying to “avoid violence” in Venezuela.

  13. Let Jimmah go to Nork land. As soon as he leaves US territory, revoke his passport. Since there’s no US embassy in NorK land, he’ll have a difficult time trying to come back. hehehehehehe

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