Star Kevin Spacey Hit with Additional Accusations of Sexual Misconduct – IOTW Report

Star Kevin Spacey Hit with Additional Accusations of Sexual Misconduct

Breitbart: As if Netflix did not already have enough problems with its recent settlement of a sexual harassment case, actor Kevin Spacey, the two-time Oscar-winner who launched the streaming network into the original programming business with House of Cards, is facing additional accusations of sexual misconduct.  read more

21 Comments on Star Kevin Spacey Hit with Additional Accusations of Sexual Misconduct

  1. Kevin digs little boys. He talks about TRUMP being unfit.

  2. Damn! Just when everyone was getting ready to forgive Spacey for his unfortunate one off with a fourteen year old kid, we find out that it might just be a “behavioral issue” that will require us to reconsider his great contribution to our Progressive Lifestyle Options.

  3. Boo freakin’ Hoo!!!
    Welcome to reality ah so!!!

  4. I had to look him up. After looking at his catalog of movies I have never seen a single one.
    No loss.

  5. All this Hollywood outrage can take a hike…….they all knew about it and did 0.0 about it.

  6. How appropriate that his recent success is based on a show called “House of Cards”?

  7. Catch a falling STAR and put it in the toilet and please do let it fade away!

  8. Statistics show that for every child that we know (find out) about, there are usually 10-20 others. Homosexual men offend at a rate disproportionately higher than heterosexuals. No surprises here.
    I sincerely hope that this goes beyond public shaming and these pedophiles all end up in prison.

  9. I thought gay men just wanted to get married in church, have babies, and grow old together?

  10. What I cannot fathom, there really are people who didn’t know Spacecase was a ghey boi?
    They need to return their gaydar to the manufacturer for a recalibration.
    Just think, all those disco kings were emulating a gay Travolta.
    “Disco Sucks” wasn’t only about the craze.

  11. I knew of Jim Williams, had seen him about town, Kevin Spacey did an awesome job of playing Williams, he wasn’t acting.

  12. He always seemed odd, like he was a homo or something. But Hollywood is full of

  13. I’ve been drunk before….yet I’ve never tried to rape a minor child when intoxicated. These perverts are not just pedophiles, they are, quite frankly, satanic. You watch one of those drug intervention shows and ALL the addicts were diddled when children.

  14. More accusations? It never rains but it pours.

  15. He also plays Santa Claus at Xmas time. Wonder why he would want to play Santa Claus?

  16. I guess Kizer Soze is a guy you tell your kids about to scare them.

  17. Spacey is one of the beknighted pervs that they parade at the Kennedy Center to remind us how small we are !

  18. The dam is about to burst.

    The flood waters will roll all the way to Washington DC.

    Bill and Hillary will wake one of these mornings with Lake Pedophililia in their front yard.

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