Starbucks Clarifies New Guest Policy


The next time you’re near a Starbucks and need to use the bathroom, employees won’t ask you to purchase anything, but there are still some restrictions on what you can do as a non-paying customer.

Starbucks updated its guest policy over the weekend after a video went viral that showed two black men being arrested at a Philadelphia cafe after one asked to use the bathroom.

“Any person who enters our spaces, including patios, cafes and restrooms, regardless of whether they make a purchase, is considered a customer,” the company wrote in a statement last week.

But now, Starbucks says that while nonpaying customers will be welcomed into their cafes, there are still some basic restrictions on their behavior.

SNIP: Isn’t Starbucks is putting their employees at risk?

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  1. Starbucks has an end game. They are training the baristas to run the coffee for the FEMA re-education camps. The Obama’s will be in charge of the new training videos courtesy of Netflix. It’s all becoming clear right now.

  2. It should have nothing to do with race. This is pure bullshit. Any person should be allowed to use a bathroom in a facility open for business. I realize that bums in certain areas, usually liberal crowded areas, just hang around businesses and misuse their bathroom usage. That is a problem: Scumbags fuck it up for everyone else.
    i am a disabled Veteran with a prostrate problem. Couple a years ago I went into a Hallmark Store to get a card for my wife’s birthday. I selected a card and went to the counter to cash out. I had a sudden need to piss. I asked the young girl at the counter if I could use the bathroom. She told me that the bathroom was for employee’s only. So I said OK just cash me out. She had trouble with cashing me out. The computer didn’t work , or something, And I started to piss my pants right there at the counter. I was embarrassed, but couldn’t stop pissing. She realized it and asked Me if “I would like to come back at another time” like when I stopped pissing . I said No just cash me out please, you silly girl, I hope you graduate with honors at whatever college you are going to. Meanwhile you can clean up the piss I left on your floor. Believe me. that little girl learned a lesson.

  3. “Hey, anybody and everybody can come into our stores NO MATTER WHAT. No purchase necessary…”
    [oh, and pls be nice 2 ppl 🙂 ]

    Yeah, that’ll work. Not like human nature spawns a bunch of horrible creatures that will destroy your property or will ignore any requests made, or harass paying customers. Yep.

  4. They should just put a sign in the window saying that all customers must act responsibly. That should work as well as the No Guns signs on school, theater, and workplace doors.

  5. note to Starfish: economic lesson 101 …a consumer is one who ‘consumes’, particularly product that is produced your company … it is the ‘raison d’être’ for your existence … no consumers, no existence

    … evidently Capitalism is hard … for Socialists/Fascists/Communists

  6. using spaces as intended

    That’s leaving things wide open for interpretation.

    Just put a cop car in the parking lot for people to shit on.

  7. A self created problem by the idiots managing Charbucks. Taking their ridiculous “sensitivity” to the extreme will have their stores looking like inner city shelters in no time. Their coffee sucks so full steam ahead Charbucks!

  8. I remember a case a bunch of years ago (I think it was in DC) where a woman asked to use the toilet and was refused on the grounds that it was “Employees Only” – so she hiked up her skirt and pissed on the floor. Employees called the cops. Cops arrested the Employees because they couldn’t – by law – refuse the use of toilet facilities.
    Or something to that effect – my memory’s kinda thin.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Lazlo’s Hawaii story:
    I was on the big Island, in that town of Pahoa.
    There is this restaurant that had a wifi room. I haunted the place as I got settled in my new digs.
    After establishing myself as a ‘paying customer’ over the course of several days, I was allowed to borrow the bathroom key. With a lengthy proviso:
    “Bring the key directly back to me. Do not let anyone else touch or borrow the key. If I see you cross the street to the hardware store I will call the police. Do not let anyone else into the bathroom” He saw my look (obvious Rube from the Provinces look) he said: “Hippies”
    A toilet and a sink were such a draw for the local homeless, that they would set up camp in there and bathe by the score in the sink. If a Hippie got a hold of the key they would run across the street and copy the bathroom key.
    So Lazlo takes his one kidney having ass and faced the rising tide of bladder impatience and hiked around to the bathroom.
    The Hippies were hovering like vultures. They were all “Hi and Mahalo” then while I was pissing they tried to force the door. On my way out they tried to swarm the door before it could close. A big Ginger tried to grab the key from my hand and told me I was a cocksucker for not letting him have the key.
    We scratched gravel for a few seconds.
    I hope he recovers.
    Lazlo hates Hawaii
    I will not go back there, until my current revenge is complete.

  10. Ghost,
    Remember in the Bucket List movie how Nicholson’s character drank only that expensive coffee, whose beans have been processed through an animal’s digestive system. The Morgan Freeman character got his final laugh when he informed him of that. Final scene was Nicholson,s character’s placing the two guys’ remains at the top of the mountain in Chock Full of Nuts coffee cans.


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