Starbucks open-bathroom policy driving customers away –study

American Thinker-

Woke as ever, Starbucks touted its rising profit from same-store sales as an indicator that its policies and plans, presumably its open-bathroom policy, was working.

That was the policy put into place to allow all comers, whether the homeless, the drug-addicted, or the general bums to use the store bathrooms without buying a thing.  It happened in response to a racial incident with some non-paying customers who wanted to use the facilities, including the table space and the bathrooms, or else “racism.”  Starbucks was all apologies and bent over backwards to accommodate everyone involved.

Not so fast.

A Texas study finds that actually, there might be a problem, according to this report from Yahoo! Finance:

Starbucks’ (SBUX) changes to its bathroom policy appear to be impacting foot traffic for the coffee giant, despite sales that have outpaced expectations, according to recent data.

Since opening its bathroom doors to the public in the wake of a controversial incident in Philadelphia, the coffee giant has seen a 6.8% drop in store attendance per month relative to other coffee shops nearby, according to the findings of a joint study from the University of Texas at Dallas and Boston College.

“When you throw open the policy to let people come in and just use the bathrooms and the tables, maybe people come in and find the bathrooms are dirty, and the tables are crowded,” David Solomon, Assistant Professor at Boston College Carroll School of Management, told YFi PM. “And so they don’t buy the coffee as well.”

Starbucks was quick to decry the report as nonsense, citing its fine overall store numbers. read more

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  1. I’m not a fan of that brand. I generally avoid them even at airports. The last time I was desperate enough to stop for one of their coffees, the barista was a little, 5′ bald fartknocker who looked like he just applied Vaseline over his entire head. Plus he had this little mini top hat on his gleaming greasy noggin. The kicker was that he treated me, the normal human customer, like the freak in the airport. Personally, I hope the little shit licker caught aids in the company bathroom.

  2. I used to buy their over-roasted coffee when I worked in the San Francrisco financial district in 2004-2007 (there wasn’t a Peet’s nearby, dammit). For the extremely high traffic SB’s stores handled, they were pretty clean.

    I shudder to think what they look like today, especially with their clientele tracking in bumshit all day long.

  3. If I wanted overpriced, burnt coffee, I can do that at home, anytime (but I don’t). As for their ‘restrooms,’ hey, it’s lunch time! Not going there. Not going to Starfucks, either.

    (And I just had a homemade Bison burger. You can’t beat that with a stick!)

  4. It’s just the boost from their Christmas mug sales- (of which I am extremely guilty of partaking in but I do not care).

    Come January and the steady decline will continue. Mark my words.

  5. I remember when gas stations and convenience stores used to keep their restrooms locked and there was a sign behind the register that said something along the lines of “Restroom facilities are for paying customers only. Please ask for key.” There was a very good reason that policy came into existence. But you can’t tell the progs running Starbucks anything. They’re the smartest people who have ever lived; just ask them.

  6. Starbucks has steadily increased prices so that latte’s are over $5 now. Who says there is no inflation? I’m pretty much done with them simply from a cost/value perspective.

    Any ‘restaurant’ who opens their facility to people who don’t wash themselves leaves the entire place open to infection by every pathogen known to man, and some that are unknown too. It’s a STUPID IDEA with good intentions, as most leftist ‘ideas’ are.

    No way I’m going into an environment where there will by definition be typhoid, plague, hepatitis, cholera, fleas, lice, and myriad other ‘normal’ diseases INVITED in. Especially not when I will be EATING or DRINKING, thereby INGESTING those pathogens.

    Some people don’t have the brains my dog was born with. Even she won’t go near a homeless person….

  7. Look at the results of any corporation that decides to play Social Justice Warrior games instead of focusing on the basics – Gillette being one of the most current examples which took an $8 billion non-cash writedown due its “Toxic Masculinity” campaign! These idiots musta been the first Common Core adoptors for all the sense that makes!
    BTW – I make pretty good ground coffee at home, but if I want the Starbux experience I’ll go ahead and poor myself a cup, call out my own name incorrectly, light a $5.00 bill on fire and then scrape the ashes into the coffee!

  8. I use restrooms only as a last resort. I prefer my own terlet, which over the years has shaped and modified itself to be a perfect fit for my bottom.

    It’s good practice to empty out the old bowels every morning. Keeps me fit and limber all day long, and I don’t have to worry about sitting down on the same seat in Starbucks or anywhere else that some dirty bumfuck just sat on.

  9. First Target, then Starbucks, then Dicks Sporting Goods, and the NFL. Now Chick Fil A buckles to the gaygenda. The usual consequences will follow.

  10. Their basic espresso & cap are fine. $2.50 to $5

    Their Regular coffee and the tutti fruiti creamy caramel stuff sucks.

    The best value by far is a basic McDonalds coffee at way less per cup. $1.70

    Canadian Prices.I would hope it is much cheaper with US Cash??

  11. @ Mark
    They actually do wash once in awhile, it’s just that it’s at Starbucks where they wash. I’m not joking.


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