Stars’ donations helped bail out suspects charged with ‘murder, violent felonies, sex crimes’

People are finally starting to notice.
Good luck at the box office, idiots.

JustTheNews: Hollywood stars like Seth Rogen, Steve Carell, Cynthia Nixon and Don Cheadle sent thousands of dollars to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help bail out protesters caught up in the George Floyd-inspired protests. Now, we’re learning where some of that cash went.

[…] The stars made their donations public via their respective social media accounts, likely hoping to inspire their millions of followers to give as well. MORE

12 Comments on Stars’ donations helped bail out suspects charged with ‘murder, violent felonies, sex crimes’

  1. ‘murder, violent felonies, sex crimes’

    …all things that the ‘stars’ themselves indulge in, so they’re kind of being true to their school here…

  2. I saw Don Cheadle attempt to “act” in “Art” on Broadway. Judd Hirsch and Norm Peterson ran circles around this hack.

    He sucked Broadway ass. I was BEYOND underwhelmed!

  3. And they wonder why I don’t give a flying fig about anything that comes out of hollyweird anymore. I’ve given up on them and will not watch about 98-99% of the crap they come out with anymore. Maybe it’s a good thing with the wu flu pandemic that they haven’t released a single new movie this year.

  4. Just as we have made the NFL and Hollywood nonessential it’s time to make the news media the same.

    You’re not calling the shots, we are.
    And we are coming after you big media, next.

    The storm arrives and you will feel the furry in November. We have had enough!

  5. I apologize to America for the birth of Seth Rogen but you guys made him famous and paid him. Up here he would only be giving hand jobs for oxy.

    What a fucking useless asshole!

  6. The next time Hollywood panics because a stalker attacks a star, would it be insensitive if we all pooled our money to get the poor stalker freed from jail?

  7. We should encourage rape and looting of these people’s homes.

    Post their addresses when you find them. “Maps to the stars’ homes” takes on a whole new meaning.

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