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Starting April 6th in the UK – Mandatory Microchipping of dogs


So what is the new legislation?

Three years ago the UK Government introduced plans to change the way we ‘register’ our pets. On April 6th, that new legislation is coming into practice. From this date forward, every dog in England, Scotland and Wales will be required by law to be microchipped.

Compulsory microchipping has already been in place in Northern Ireland since 2012.

The legislation is primarily designed to make it easier for lost pets to be reunited with their keepers, but it will also make it easier to identify dogs that are involved in incidents and trace them back to an individual who might then be held to account.

A microchip is a tiny electronic chip, no larger than a grain of rice, which is implanted harmlessly beneath a dog’s skin. Each microchip is programmed with a unique 15 digit number which will be revealed when scanned by a microchip reader.

If an animal professional (such as a vet) is presented with a lost pet they will routinely scan for a microchip. If one is detected, they simply contact the microchip database the pet is registered on and reveal the keeper’s details so the pet can be returned home.

The implant procedure is pain-free, inexpensive, and generally, won’t cause any more discomfort to your dog than a standard vaccination.

Simply put, it’s a swift and effective way of reuniting you with your dog should it ever go missing and get picked up by strangers.

From April 2016, all dogs will need to be microchipped by law, and it will be the keeper’s responsibility to ensure that all of their contact information is accurate and up-to-date; this can be as simple as updating a form on a website.


12 Comments on Starting April 6th in the UK – Mandatory Microchipping of dogs

  1. Won’t be long before it becomes mandatory that all citizens be microchipped

  2. This is the tripe the Brits are piddling around with instead of their rampant rapeujihadis, failing medical care system and piss poor economy?
    Please someone flush the toilet and be done with Britain.

    These are the same numbnuts who require you to have a license to watch TV.

  3. When are they going to start chipping criminals, I’d buy an app for that.

    Wait, was that racis?

  4. They came for my pig hat, so I gave it to them. Then they came for my pig. I didn’t have a dog hat, so they chipped my dog…

    UK : the land of happy moslems.

  5. Don’t forget the mandatory dog poop DNA testing in case little FIfi craps in the wrong place. The otherwise unoccupied with crimes against children UK police can round up Fifi for execution.

  6. They should require their fukinmuzzies to be chipped!

  7. Chipping pets is optional now in the US. Reports of site location tumors are becoming more numerous. When it becomes law, it will be just a short hop to chipping all children when they are hospital-born.

    I don’t think George Orwell mean his books to be Instruction Manuals. 🙁

  8. Seaoh,
    Then they won’t be citizens, they’ll be serfs and slaves.

  9. While I’m against compulsory chipping, we had a dog stolen that was chipped.

    Four years later we got a call from a county vet 20 miles away to come get him.

    That chip made a lot of people happy.

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