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Startup Vows To “De-extinction” The Woolly Mammoth

It is the elephant in the genomics room: can extinct species be resurrected? One bioscience firm insists they can, announcing Monday its intent to use emerging technology to restore the woolly mammoth to the Arctic tundra.

New company Colossal, capitalizing on a partnership with a Harvard geneticist, said its species “de-extinction” effort has the potential to anchor a working model for restoring damaged or lost ecosystems and thereby help slow or even halt the effects of climate change.

“Never before has humanity been able to harness the power of this technology to rebuild ecosystems, heal our Earth and preserve its future through the repopulation of extinct animals,” Colossal chief executive and co-founder Ben Lamm, an emerging technology entrepreneur, said in a statement. More

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  1. The mammoth and ground sloth and many other species were killed off with spears by native Americans. I think casino funds should be used for this noble venture.

  2. Chickity China – If you hear a loud “RIBBET!” sound, you’ll know they started with frog DNA! 🐸🐸🐸

  3. Amateurs. They should start with a simpler critter, bring back the housecat sized spiders or the seagull sized mosquito. Let’s start there before we bring back a mammoth.

  4. I bet they’re cute when they’re little. I’m gonna order me up a pair and see how they like apartment living.

  5. I wonder if these geniuses have considered what predator animal would be needed to keep woolly mammoth numbers in check? Imagine once the woolly mammoths over run the tundra and threaten all other life forms of this fragile eco-system, they’ll bring back the saber-tooth tiger, which will then finish off the other wildlife first before tackling the woolly mammoth problem.

  6. Wull, I’ve never met him, but rumor has it his pits smell like hot molten tar. Rumor has it, he bathes here.

    All joking aside, an amazing place. If you’re ever stupid enough to venture into the valley of the damned
    take a tour. Very cool place.

  7. @Dr. Tar

    I would bet a Barret .50 could manage the population with a double lung shot.

    Or a Texas Heart Shot. Up the ass & into the heart.

    I would bet Bradley could easily do it!


  8. @ Uncle Al

    I’m a fuckin nut.
    It is not good that you think the same way that I do.
    I’ve eaten Horse Steaks, Donkey Chops, Haggis, Pigeon, Duck (who hasn’t), snake, eel, Moose, elk, Quail, Frog, …

    Everything EXCEPT COCK.
    My Prime Minister does that so we don’t have to.

    See a doctor. Mine already threw in the towel last year!


  9. Arthur Neumann used a 303 Lee Medford and Karamojo Bell preferred John Rigby Mauser shorter in .275 Rigby using 173 grain full patch round nose 7mm military ammo for their ivory collecting. Bell said it is all about bullet placement, he used the German ammo because it was more reliable than the British 275 rounds. IIRC that was due to the British use of cordite being double base was temperature sensitive.

    It’s been a while since I reread my safari books, I have dozens of them that I caught hell from my mom for paying twenty or thirty dollars a piece for in the 1980s when I was in my twenties. I keep many of them locked in my safes today, they are that valuable. The big problem I have with them is that I will stay up all night reading one once I start.

  10. Visions of Jurassic Park….

    I’d try a nice mammoth tenderloin en croute garnished with lingonberries.

    I’ve eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters and I bet mammoth steaks would be a lot better.


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