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State-Controlled Health Care Bill Fails in California Assembly

CA Global: Monday’s legislative deadline for passage of California’s proposed Single Payer state-controlled health care, Assembly Bill 1400, came and went. It did not make it to the finish line despite threats progressive activists made to moderate lawmakers. As Fox 40 reported last week, “Progressives threaten to pull endorsements from California lawmakers who reject single-payer health care bill.”

One of the biggest pushers of AB 1400, was Amar Shergill, Chairman of the California Democrat Party Progressive Caucus: “Any Assembly member that thinks they can ignore the party, ignore labor, ignore people, vote against us and then still get the endorsement might find they have a tougher reelection battle than they thought,” Shergill told Fox 40.

His tune changed when he got word that the bill was dead in the water. more

7 Comments on State-Controlled Health Care Bill Fails in California Assembly

  1. Honestly, that’s freaken amazing. I’m at a total loss how that happened. Maybe someone is drafting something up even worse.

  2. Something more onerous or intrusive is in the works, count on it.

    Hubris, delusions of grandeur, or the reality that they are bulletproof in a state that is predominantly blue anyway, but these Sacramento clowns see it as their birthright to champion every single prog wet dream and be the first state to introduce it.

  3. Cali rejected a single-payer system? I am truly shocked (no sarcasm, for once). Talk about jumping the shark. You have a group in power who are willing to support you and it isn’t enough?

    Don’t get me wrong, both sides do it, but why? Take what you can get. Move on

  4. It’s becoming clearer what their road map is. Last year Newsom signed off on California becoming the first state to offer Medi-Cal to illegal aliens (I love typing that, it’s so un-PC) age 50 and older. That was the first hurdle. Now he wants ALL illegals regardless of age under that umbrella. The sneaky bastard figures once this passes, a major healthcare overhaul for all residents will be more palatable.

  5. Thank God.
    I live in the communist cesspool known as California, for the time being, and it is already bad enough without more communism like that bill.

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