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State Department Declares IS Genocide

Secretary of State John Kerry has announced this morning that the Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians and other minority religious groups in Iraq and Syria.



The State Department was expected to miss the deadline to make the declaration but with today’s statement reaches the conclusion on the last day.

So what does the statement do for those suffering murder, rape and exile by the Islamic extremist? Diddle Squat if this administration’s foreign policy is used as a guide.



The most we can do is to try to embarrass these reprobates to act, but don’t hold your breath. The Obama administration has no conscious that can be ashamed.


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  1. I’m just a stupid IT dude and I could have told these morons what was going on years ago.

    Why can’t I get a job where I’m useless and get paid well?

  2. Welcome to the party Lurch! How many died, and are still dying, while you continue to dither and do nothing? Oh right, I forgot, you have been busy expediting the bringing of their murderers here!

  3. Given that this administration has given the thumbs up and encouraged all the sexual confusion permeating the nation and their utter distain for Christians, I’m pretty sure they have a different meaning of the word genocide.

    Perhaps, one sex outdoors, one six indoors; one half body male, the other half female???

    I’m going to check the nearly sixty gender options of facebook (and hope that a sarc tag is not necessary).

  4. kerry tied all the islamic murders, rapes and Christian genocide to globull warming……he has 98% of all US university professors supporting his findings.

    obama will invest $280 Billion dollars in green energy projects to give these 7th century islamic Neanderthals meaningful and rewarding jobs. Nothing for the decimated Christian community.

  5. It’s a political calculation, the path of least resistance. Now the pressure over the Islamic State will be off until people realize the declaration has changed a damn thing in this nation’s policy towards the murderers.

    Perhaps they’ll be able to play out the clock without upsetting those in the Middle East who don’t have a problem with the Islamic State (i.e. Turkey, Saud Arabia for starters).

  6. They had to send out the memo to all the other members of the caliphate first, saying that they were making a political taqiyya move that will help to advance isalm in America.
    What took so long was, some of those memos had to be delivered by camel back to the remote caves and goat-dung huts in the farthest reaches of the caliphate.

  7. Yea, he’s going to help document the atrocities so they can prosecute the muzzies in the World Court after all the Christians are dead. Thanks John you can go back to sleep again.

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