State Department Document Dumps Hillary emails on a Friday

To my eye, there are plenty of emails that are “work related.”  Some are marked classified. Hillary claims they were only made classified later on. But some of the emails are discussing Qaddafi. Why would she think these weren’t classified discussions?

What makes her think that these are akin to cookie recipes, wedding plans and yoga?

You can go through them yourself. 

This woman belongs in jail.

10 Comments on State Department Document Dumps Hillary emails on a Friday

  1. Jail is too dangerous a place to leave her in….for us. Why? Because she can still do things that will cause damage to America later on.

    Remember the guy who wrote about the Affordable Care Act? He spent time in prison too.

    Nope, the only safe place for us is to have her moonlight as a temporary lamp post decoration – Mussolini style.

  2. Andrew Breitbart hated Sidney Blumenthal and he had his number big time. I used to think he was murdered… now i think so even more. Not by Odinga, but the Clinton Crime Family. Hitlery and that piece of rat shit scumbag Blumenthal are exposed in these emails. They should get sentenced to death in the electric chair after a trial for treason.

    I hope the breitbart crew brings these two down. I think Joe Bixen has not been heard the last of just yet… When Hitlery has no one to blame but herself, Joe can step back in with clean hands and no hard feelings with the lesbian Hitlery brigade and hi jack her supporters. I think Joe knows…

  3. None associated with Obola will be released until he leaves office. Collusion and conspiracy to commit Treason are in evidence and “our” bureaucracy doesn’t see fit to show it to its sovereign.

    The Republic is DEAD.

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