State Department Has Words With Chinese Ambassador Over Communist Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory – IOTW Report

State Department Has Words With Chinese Ambassador Over Communist Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

Washington Examiner

The State Department chastised China’s ambassador after a Chinese Embassy official claimed the U.S. military planted the coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

Assistant Secretary of State David Stilwell summoned Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai after China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian twisted comments made by a U.S. health official as evidence to support a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 is part of an American plot. More

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  1. I hope ambassador Stilwell was both courteous and polite when he called Cui Tiankai a Dum Fuk!

  2. Kick em out and have them take their citizens here with them. These clowns have been jackasses since the boxer rebellion.

  3. Chinks are at fault here.
    *Chink Army spies stole coronavirus cultures from the CanoeHeads up north. CanoeHeads were at least trying to create vaccines against coronovirus.
    *Chink spies shipped virus cultures to Wuhan, Chinkland, where China’s only Level 4 Bioweapons lab is.
    *Chink lab workers are supposed to incinerate dead test animals such as rats, mice, bats,rabbits and monkeys
    *But Chink lab workers at Wuhan have been reprimanded in the past for selling dead animals to local food markets for extra cash
    *The exotic food market where the Chink Flu outbreak was traced back to….IS RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM THE WUHAN BIOWEAPONS LAB!!

  4. Has the left started screaming, with rich buttery irony, about how Trump has pulled a takeover of healthcare?

  5. With irresponsible threats like these
    it will probably be necessary to annihilate
    China at the first opportune moment.

    Good bye Chin

    This is what you get for F*cking with us.

    Did you think you could get away with it ?

    The bribe money to the
    Clintons and Obamas would insure it ?

    Better start sucking on Trump to
    prevent annihilation.

    The Clintons and Obamas can do
    nothing for you regardless what
    you previously paid them.

    It’s lost money, you need to
    suck on Trump.

  6. I hope what he said was along the lines of… “You fucking zipperhead cunts better stop with that big fucking lie, or we’re really gonna give you filthy microdick motherfuckers something to cry about.”

  7. It’s time to yank the Chinese economic needle out of our arm. No more mainlining sole dependence with any country, leaving us empty-handed when some national disaster should catch us blind-sighted.

    Would not be surprised if China increases medical supply export-to-US prices or some form of Chinese export tax, or similar scheme, in reaction to increased US import Tariffs.

    May God continue to Bless our President, our Vice President, and all the People of the United States of America.

  8. otoh – the Democrats (Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler – assigned the task), the GOPe Never-Trumpers, and the Chicoms :

    Have a common goal – Get Trump out of office.

    Collusion ? The Chicoms because Trump is ending their trade free tide.
    The Dems & Never-Trumpers – for power, and just because Trump isn’t one of them.

    Why they would unit and work together?

    Because the Chicoms have a bio-weapons lab to genetically modify wild coronavirus to a form that better suits their purpose.

    And the Chinese rulers have a long history, even before Mao, of being willing to kill millions of their own people, to enforce their will to fulfill their 500-year goals. After all – there will still be 100s of millions of them left after the killing stops.

    How’s that for a conspiracy theory?
    Didn’t Ted Kennedy and other Dems conspire with the USSR and other hostile governments in the past against current US presidents.

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