State Dept Disabled Its Security To Accommodate Hillary

A release of documents by Judicial Watch indicates that Hillary and staff who were using her private server were having difficulty getting their e-mails past the security measures used by the State Department to protect from phishing attacks. So the State Department disabled its protections.

How afraid of her were the people at the State Department, and isn’t this a criminal act?

It was more important to accommodate Secretary of State than to protect all State Department communications from hacking?


When is the FBI going to make its recommendation to indict?

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  1. “When is the FBI going to make its recommendation to indict?”

    The big question, “When will the DOJ announce they will not prosecute Hillary Clinton?”

  2. Trump is doing the right thing. If Hillary wants to hide thousands of e-mails, he should accuse her of hiding e-mails that are discussing breaking laws and taking kickbacks.

  3. The FBI (Frickin Buttheaded Idiots) has assigned at least 40 agents full-time for more than a year to work on the Hillary criminal case and still, after all, that manpower, expense, and supposed effort, nothing has happened!

  4. The last line of the Red State article:
    “This is abuse of power of the worst kind and should disqualify her from office… were she opposed by anyone but Donald Trump”.


  5. How deep is the conspiracy to commit espionage against the USA? How many federal officials are in on this? How in the hell is the FBI, DOJ, Congress, not taking action to rid our country of these traitors? Is everyone in on it?


    Get it? Understand?

    State Dept.
    Saudi Arabia.
    The Moslem Brotherhood.
    Clinton Foundation.


    That’s why it will never be prosecuted.
    That’s why it will never see the light of day.
    That’s why the Americans are being fed shit – 3 times a day.

    This is Treason that involves the highest levels of the FedGov and the “controlling authorities” are part and parcel to that Treason.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. The last line of the Red State article before as written before Trump secured the nomination:
    “This is abuse of power of the worst kind and should disqualify her from office… were she opposed by anyone but ”.

  8. Doesn’t it also rise to the level of criminal conspiracy that clearly the state department knew about Hillary’s home-brew server, yet when Freedom of Information act requests asked for all email related to topics such as Benghazi, the state department claimed there weren’t any, without searching her server.

  9. @Racer X — Yes, yes it does. That she and the Democrat party believes she is not only qualified to be president, but that her crimes are not crimes is absolutely breathtaking.

  10. @ sad face…..RedState is hard core #NeverTrump. The article is dated yesterday, not before Trump secured the nomination. Their hypocracy is out for all to see with that closing sentence

  11. hey, maybe this proves that the Hillary’s state department was doing absolutely nothing of any consequence. Just a “no-show” job for Hillary as a consolation prize for not getting POTUS in 2008.

    In other words, maybe they don’t care if she was “insecure” and “got hacked” and “violated national security” because it wasn’t a real job for her anyway. She was not handling or discussing anything a) real b) true nor c) classified.

    We all know that ValJar is the real POTUS and SECSTATE anyway.

  12. There’s a word that starts to describe this whole situation: clusterfukk.
    Nobody has ever had to describe this level of treason and corruption before, though. There are not enough letters in the alphabet.
    Damn hard to believe it’s really happening. Twilight Zone exponent ^50.

  13. How many hundreds of thousands of Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Officers are there that took the Oath of Office and spend every day putting folks in jail that have not done a fraction of what Hillary has done? Yeah, I thought so.
    Somebody needs to explain to me just why I must obey any laws, when Hillary gets away with these. I already had an up-close and personal conversation with a Highway Patrolman a few days ago. When I was done, he just handed my license back and said, “Have a nice day”.

  14. The only fix is death by firing squads. So WHO are going to be the shooters, and who are going to be shot? Treason at this level cannot coexist with ‘lets pretend it ain’t so’ Or the Lefty’s favorite, ‘if we keep our heads buried in the shitpile long enough, this too shall pass.’ Time for accountability, or time to surrender America and descend into a banana republic, where you have a coup d’etat every week. We need Donald Trump for the first option. No one wants the second option, including Barky and Cankles, since their heads will be the first on the chopping blocks.

  15. Most of the people in the US who could rectify this “breaking of US LAW” are CHICKENSHIT COWARDS. Judges,prosecutors,FBI,CIA,NSA, and many others are guilty of malfeasance of office and dereliction of duty. These crimes against the American people have gone far enough. This garbage can be fixed. All it will take is a concerted uprising of the people with emails, letters, and phone calls demanding action. Organized protests in DC and other cities, shut down commerce until a group of patriotic prosecutors step up and start convening grand juries and get the indictments rolling. Has anybody got the balls to do their job? Somebody, come on people, demand that this BS be stopped, heads roll. This mess isn’t what America is about!!!

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