State Dept. identifies at least 30 security incidents related to Hillary Clinton’s private email server

DC: The State Department identified at least 30 separate security breaches during its investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, the agency recently disclosed.

In a letter to Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, a State Department official said that at least 15 State Department employees were responsible for 23 violations and seven security infractions related to Clinton’s server.

The FBI investigated whether Clinton mishandled classified information by sending and receiving classified emails on a private server that she kept at her residence in New York. The FBI found that Clinton was “extremely careless” in using the server, but ultimately decided not to recommend that she be charged with a crime. 

The State Department continued its internal review of the Clinton server after the FBI ended its investigation, according to the letter to Grassley. Clinton’s State Department aides, including Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, were aware that she exclusively used the server. Clinton and her aides exchanged thousands of classified emails while she was in office, including more than two dozen that were found to have top-secret information.

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  1. It’s OK if Hillary does it, she’s exempt from the laws that were meant to apply only to others.

  2. Paging Carlos Danger! Is someone finally actually looking at all those Clinton emails that the FBI apparently couldn’t be bothered with in their haste to find President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton innocent of everything except being a bit careless and forgetful?

  3. Well, some of those State Department employees had a notation placed in their Security file; what more do you want?

    BTW, is a notation in their security file a step above or below a stern reprimand?

  4. So in summation – nothing will be done about it. Go back to sleep and STFU Hillary and her pals are off limits to law enforcement.

  5. @Tony R. A notation is above a stern warning but below a verbal written warning and does not even approach a reprimand. That’s the way I remember it from my corporate days, long way to go to get fired. I think.

  6. @Tony R. I think it also hinges on whether it went to their “permanent” file. That being the most ghastly punishment of them all.

  7. So why aren’t they arresting and charging Mills and Abedin? Throw the book at them and see if there is a deal to be had.

  8. Can’t touch the untouchables – everybody knows that!

    Too many people will get burned if the Clinton’s treasons are pursued.
    And those people are firmly ensconced in the Spook Services, the Armed Forces, the FBI, the CIA, the DIA, the DEA, and whoever trails the drug-running airplanes.

    Don’t look for many results – certainly no jail time.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. All this seems to be so dragged out that I am close to not even caring any more.

    Maybe that is their strategy.

  10. They can either apply the law to these treacherous scum or we will. We are not about to see our president driven from office and control taken by these insane leftists.
    If that happens people will have little left to lose and they’ll strip everything from you that you’ve ever had.
    At that point we can say that we gave them the chance to do the right thing and they chose to continue the status quo.
    We WILL get you Mother F#ckers!!!!

  11. When people like Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills are granted the privilege of immunity by law enforcement, can’t the immunity be revoked if it is revealed that they lied and/or were uncooperative?

    These two Killary enforcers/ enablers need to be locked up.

  12. @Perry June 18, 2019 at 10:23 am

    > Hillary and her pals are off limits to law enforcement

    What’s wrong with taking care of your own?

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