State Dept Spent $185,000 for One Piece of ‘Fiber’ Artwork

WFB: The State Department doled out six figures for one piece of art made out of balls of thread, to be displayed in an embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Government spending on lavish art has come under scrutiny in recent weeks after a report revealed the Department of Veterans Affairs spent $20 million on artwork while veterans died waiting to see doctors.

The VA is not alone in purchasing pricey art on the taxpayers’ dime. The State Department spent $185,000 for “Lares and Penates,” a 9.5 foot by 9.5 foot fiber installation by Sheila Hicks, according to a government contract signed in April.

The piece is made up of 98 balls of thread.  MORE

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  1. “Hillary’s (Democrat’s) America” — To create opportunities to pay back or otherwise reward every single person who sings in their choir. It’s an organized crime syndicate. We talk of ‘shadow governments’, well, here it is. Only it’s not a ‘government’ per se. It’s a means of stealing and disbursing the money.

  2. Next, the moonbats will proclaim an Obama dump to be artwork and the Hollyweird cruds will ante up big bucks to procure it!

  3. They just happen to be the exact legal size of stoning rocks too. Yarn-wrapped rocks — the softer, kinder way to stone an infidel to death.

  4. I see those all the time in plastic grab bags at VOA or Salvation Army. Prices range around 90 cents to 3 dollars.
    What a load of crap. I’m sure these spend happy elitists would call me a bumpkin and a Philistine.

  5. $699 million for a “green” and ADA compliant embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan??!! With fur ball art?! They would have been better off spending most of the money on fortifying a crummy building against Ben Gauzy-style muzzrat attacks.

  6. I have some nice “fiber” art work I flush down my toilet each morning- if I can get $180,000 for it I would be happy to send it to Pakistan….

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