State rep. says man told her to ‘go back where you came from’ at grocery store

Update 2: Whoopsie Daisy. This Thomas person picked the wrong guy to lie about. His Facebook page is filled with anti-Trump rhetoric, and not just any rhetoric. He seems to be exclusively anti-Trump because Sparkes thinks Trump is a racist and he supports the illegals.

I don’t think in a million years he’d say “this is MAGA country,” errr, I mean, “go back to your own country.” This woman has been caught lying.

I mean, how bad does it get for Thomas that the guy has a story in his timeline that mirrors what she accuses him of doing?

Update: Cuban man steps forward and says Erica Thomas is LYING. His story sounds legit. He says he called her a bitch for using the express line when there were other lanes open, and then he walked out.

She’s still aggressive –

Great point here—>

Sharon@ASEDawg89Replying to @CJenningsWSB@itsericathomas and @PublixShe said she went to the Express land because she couldnt stand for the regular lane but now I have seen her stand for a presser and now this. Either way neither one of them should have gotten so upset.

Video or it didn’t happen. And even if it did happen, so what? Why is this a story? There are 100s of millions of people interacting with each other every day in this country, and it’s never been a love-fest out there. So what is the current crisis?


An African-American Georgia lawmaker says she was verbally harassed while at a grocery store in Cobb County.

State Rep. Erica Thomas, who represents District 39, recorded an emotional Facebook Live detailing what she says happened at a Publix in Mableton. 

Thomas said she was waiting in the express lane with her daughter when a man became angry over the number of items she had. 

“This white man comes up to me and says ‘you lazy son of [expletive]. You need to go back where you came from,'” the lawmaker said in her Facebook video. “Sir, you don’t even know me. I’m not lazy. I’m nine months pregnant.” 

Thomas said she did not bring up her position in the Georgia House of Representatives and asked him to leave her and daughter alone.

“My child is just sitting there. ‘Mama why would he call you that?’ I can’t even explain to her why he has so much hate in his heart.”

Thomas was too upset to talk on camera Saturday, but she said Publix kicked the man out and he kept coming back inside. 

Thomas did not record the incident on her phone, but Jose was told there is surveillance video and police are investigating. 

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  1. State Rep from Georgia needs to go back to ‘Fatsville’ or ‘How to counts to tensville”….

  2. Another report said that she had 15 items in a 10 or less express lane. That alone shows that “rules” don’t apply to her. The guy probably made a smarta$$ remark and words were exchanged. I wonder how she spoke to the man.

  3. So what we know about her based on what I read above was that she thinks it’s her privilege to get into the express lane with items that exceed the maximum allowable in that lane. If she would do that, she would lie about what was said to her. When they download that video, I hope they include the number of items in her cart in the report.

  4. Don’t believe it. However, she does looks like she has the LGBTQETC vote locked in for the next election.

  5. Special people who can’t read, or prefer not to read, or are walking zombies, or don’t care about others seem to be drawn to these x number of items or less lanes. So if she doesn’t care about others, why should they have to care about her sensitive feelings being stepped on?? I call BS, life can be rough, get used to it, get over it, and next time wake up, read the signs, and follow the simple rules so no one needs to bad mouth you for being an Jass.

  6. Wearing an “I stand with Planned Parenthood” shirt. You lost me at the get go, bucket ass. Pfftttt!

  7. Okay, so what?
    What is it with Democrats anyway?
    They act like assholes in public and then get pissed off when they called on it.

  8. My wife was in a store a few days after Obama was first elected. She told me a woman of color came around a corner and pushed her shopping cart into my wife’s. My wife looked at her and said, excuse me? like she would to remind one of our kids to say it and the bl… woman of color said black man in the white house now!
    I told my wife it surely was an isolated incident.

  9. OH Puh-Leeeze, Sheboonaniqua. Smells like another Juicy-Fruit Smollett tale. Soon to be on GoFundMe trolling for money to pay for her delicate-mental-anguish therapy.

  10. Not that long ago la ra za was telling people to go back to Europe.

    The left didn’t have a problem with that.

  11. I live in Cobb County, GA. This is BS. White people aren’t allowed to make derogatory comments to black people in Georgia, but in Cobb white people are too nice (and not racist) to do it anyway. Plus Mableton is a very black area of town.

  12. She needs to settle down. At 9 months pregnant, within the next month she’ll be able to happily exercise her rights and will have a whole new story to tell the world, and lead by example for her daughter.

  13. There is no such animal, rat or human that is African American! There are Africans and there are Americans! Pick the one you are and go to your respective countries!

  14. Dj I know several “African-Americans” and color doesn’t have shit to do with it…All the ones I know immigrated here from AFRICA and became American Citizens.

  15. HippieCritic
    JULY 20, 2019 AT 3:32 PM
    “Police are investigating?!! We’re done.”

    …yeah, I was wondering about that, too. Investigating for WHAT? Even if this -woman’s- story is TRUE, there’s not even an ALLEGATION of a crime.

    …it’s not a crime to be an asshole. It’s not even a crime to be a racist. If it WERE, all Democrats would get The Chair on BOTH counts…

  16. Anonymous
    JULY 20, 2019 AT 6:38 PM
    ‘“Best Mom”? Her t-shirt should say, “Fat piece of shit”’

    …perhaps it’s meant to be ironic, a little…

  17. @Justin Case:

    When someone becomes a citizen then they become an American, not a hyphenated American! If they call themselves African American then I simply consider them to be an African which is the heritage/country they emphasize!

  18. …sheesh. getting to where a Hispsnic can’t snark a Black woman over her rude grocery store behavior without it becoming a National story.

    …it USED to take a trip to the MOON to get THIS much media attention…

  19. Dang it, judgeroybean, you read my mind. And her kid was probably eating grapes in the produce section, which she otherwise would have avoided.

  20. He hates Trump.
    He defended the Hate Squad.
    She’s a glory hound who thought her ticket to fame was playing the victim.

    Fuck them both.

  21. Thirdtwin
    JULY 20, 2019 AT 6:52 PM
    “… And her kid was probably eating grapes in the produce section, which she otherwise would have avoided.”

    …well, they DO have bananas, just sayin’…

  22. “”My child is just sitting there. ‘Mama, why would he call you that?’”

    sounds like another one is lost.
    Kids learn what they live.

  23. Another indication that this was not a long, drawn out incident as described by the one woman squad: No cell phone video. Fat pig didn’t even have time to work it loose from her back pocket.

  24. The police are investigating the incident? For what? Bad manners? I see no need for a police investigation.

  25. Okay. So an addendum to my above post: Most white people in Cobb County are nice and not racist unless they are liberals. But that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

  26. It’s just two NPCs locked in a negative feedback loop now. Disappointing for the narrative. Good thing Tank Abrams couldn’t get up from the table to proteck a sistah. Just stick with that pie, Stacy. Erica is a hot mess.

  27. Another “white” Hispanic/Latino targeted by the leftist media. He and George Zimmerman, both Democrats are getting thrown under the bus to preserve the audaciuos lie, if someone looks like a Trump supporting, straight, white male deplorable, they deserve being targeted.
    That giant swampette over played the race card. Is the LGBTQ card next? Hope the guy sues her and wins.

  28. Jussie Smallette’s mother was the woman. Racist blacks always invent phony “racism.” It’s their key to power over their stupid DemocRat Plantation Masters.

  29. He meant that place with the Statue of Liberty’s arm sticking out of the sand and Charlton Heston.

  30. A fat brood mare busily draining her EBT card and demanding special treatment because she’s pregnant with her 14th little entitled moocher. In the express lane with a cart overloaded with soda pop, assorted chemically manufactured cheeses and frozen pizza’s she practically dares anyone to object to her rudeness.

  31. Crazed/lying local Congress lady aside, gotta admit Mr. self-proclaimed Cuban guy has a some serious cray-cray himself for walking in-and-out of a Publix to complain to a woman with her child about 10 items or less! What is he, the check-out police? And what HE SAYS DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. He say’s there were two check-out’s with no lines that HAD CASHIER’S. Yet he refers to her line as express. Express to me is the one with a cashier and no line.
    Of course if he is saying that she opted for self-check-out so she could steal, that would be a whole other matter.

  32. I immediately knew this was BS.

    Have you ever seen a black woman in ANY circumstance without her camera….set to auto record gang fights? Ever?

    I tell you what they don’t record…acts of racism. Because it doesn’t happen.

    I don’t need to see vid evidence of her piling on items in the 10 or less checkout either to know that happened.

  33. The Jets, the Bloods, the Crips, and the MS-13s?
    Gonna Rumble?

    A negro telling lies about a spic?
    Am I really sposed to GAF?

    The coons came to the back door last night and complained that the bunnies had eaten the scratch grain that I put out for the chickens who were chased off by the deer.
    Yada, yada, yada … all of em lookin for free shit.
    The fukkin coons even steal from the hummingbirds.
    The hummingbirds bitch and dive-bomb me! Like I crawled up on the rail and drank their juice!

    “It’s nature’s way of telling you
    Something’s wrong”

    izlamo delenda est …


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