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States Sue Over Obamacare Shell Game

Six states have filed suit challenging the Obama administration over requiring states to pay a Health Insurance Providers Fee.


The administration claims the money goes to Medicaid managed care organizations and is therefore funneled right back to them. In actuality the states end up losing 54 cents to the dollar.

The Obamacare law doesn’t even clearly define that it is the states that are suppose to pay the fee.



The federal government will extract between $13 to $15 billion from the states over the next decade if this shell game isn’t stopped.

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  1. I am always amused over the battle between state and federal governments vis-a vis state tax money and federal tax money and which is going to pay for what. The money must be printed on different presses and taken from different taxpayers, eh!

  2. “The complaint that Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, Louisiana, Indiana and Nebraska filed in the Northern District of Texas takes issue with the Health Insurance Providers Fee assessed to health insurers to cover federal subsidies.

    The lawsuit says nothing in the Affordable Care Act’s language provided clear notice that states would also have to pay the fee.

    “This notice was not even provided by rule but was ultimately provided by a private entity wielding legislative authority,” the suit says.”

    All of the legislators who voted for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 should be hauled into court and sued for Perjury, malpractice, ineptitude, extortion, cronyism, anything that will stick and failure to consider legislation before enacted. This law has had a greater impact on the whole country than anything before the New Deal. Name Barack Obama, the 2010 congressmen who voted for said legislation, the lobbyists who worked for this, the media, NPR and every public radio/TV station, all of the reporters who shilled for this, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber and the entire Democrat Party as defendents in this suit. Have some law firm carry out this class action law suit ( yes let them keep a third of the awards) but just the symbolic victory were they have to admit this was an intention screw-up will be compensation.

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