Stay Angry, Not Dispirited

By Clarice Feldman

Like baboons showing their rears to zoogoers, the election of President Trump caused the rotting institutions of America to reveal their least attractive features. The press has engaged in nonstop lying without remorse. The premier educational institutions have revealed their Marxist colors and disdain for the sifting and winnowing of ideas that once were their reason to be. The FBI, Department of Justice, and the courts have tipped their partisanship, and to their dishonor, the ethical grounding that once made them worthy of respect.

Not for the first time  Conrad Black  has accurately summarized the “nightmare campaign of outright idiocy” we’ve faced since Trump’s election. 

It’s nice to know that he believes I am not the only one considering the country has gone mad. He says “a very large number of us” share that view. And he goes on to show us why.

Among his targets are the lying press and the violent crime rate in New York City and Chicago as the mayors of those cities reduce police budgets and attack law enforcement. The absurdity of #NeverTrumper Mitt Romney marching with BLM, whose leader threatens to burn down the country if it doesn’t get its way. Black tags Joe Biden “a waxwork dummy hiding in this basement” who considers BLM,  which has revealed itself “as a white-hating Marxist urban terrorist organization,” as a  “valuable political ally.” The left’s  continued effort to prolong the economic shutdown of the country as the fatalities from the Wuhan virus have declined “by nearly 90 percent” and increased testing shows large numbers of those who contracted it had none or minimal symptoms. (A wag online notes it is such a frightful malady most of us never knew we had it until tests showed we did.)

He accurately describes the Democratic political campaign: 

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  1. I’m hoping their viscious, open hate self-immolates their cause before things have to get “serious”.

  2. I’m so pissed off now that I sit by an upstairs window dry snapping anyone that drives by in a Prius.

  3. Anger is an understatement. And they know it on the left too so they no longer are showing their nightly riots and protests that they are now taking to the suburbs and instead are focusing on tanking the economy hence CA shutting down. Houston and Austin and other big blue cities begging to be allowed to shut everything down. They are creating big unemployment numbers in coming weeks. Who would want to vote for a party gleeful they are destroying people’s lives and livelihoods.

  4. Something else to consider. I know a few of us on here feel there’s something weird about this COVID-19 response – particularly from the left and democrats. Just putting this out there for consideration. I know I do not want to take an injection that will alter my DNA.

  5. angry?

    you got to be kidding.

    the government is doing exactly what we knew they would do and have been doing for a long time.

    their actions now are just confirming what i have thought all along.

    i am not angry, i am just itching to get even!!!!!

  6. “Emotions are for the weak.”

    There’s a certain amount of truth to that. Id rather spend my time plotting revenge.

    FYI, that dick Newsom just shut down most of the service based California economy again. Can’t be having Trump looking successful now can we. I called and checked, my gym said screw it. They’re staying open.

  7. Emotions may be for the weak but that is not going to stop my wife from putting on her brass knuckles every time she has to put on a mask.

  8. Thanks to XX above, I thought we might have a “I’m so pissed off now that…” fill-in-the-blank session!

    But I’m not pissed off at the moment, so I can’t restart it. Give it time – I’m like a geyser.

  9. joe6pak

    Better to put on a mask and support the economy then to play into the Bastards hand. I’m pretty sure they hope we stay home and stop spending.

  10. Brad, I’m sure you sensed I was kidding. My wife hasn’t been able to find a petite sized pair of brass knuckles. It would be funny if she found some, even if it is just a joke. But you’re right, we can’t give up on the economy. We are still spending our money but not at the same rate we normally would. For instance, driving to Seattle, going out to dinner, staying in a hotel, seeing a Mariners game, is not happening!

  11. Hey joe6pak
    An old gun customer just walked in the shop with the perfect T shirt. “Drive a Rifle or Ride A Boxcar”. I say we get one for the womenz.

  12. So for some two decades I have followed what happens in SAfrica and it has been worth while. You get to see the future and also understand the present here in America. This is no accident, SA is a training ground for moving us to Communism. Some 15 years ago the voter was barraged with Hope and Change, new medical care called Ambetter was supposed to be the only source of health care but failed immediately with high costs so has begun to take money from the 20 percent still covered by private insurance that was being shut down…To the point, in 2016 began the campaign to Defund the Police, now done, to install Reparations, now done, to install quota systems for employment now done and to pass White Privilege Laws, now done. We are just now in the SA African Lives Matter 2016 and it is odd to hear white Left wing English extol their efforts to punish Whites for their Privilege, refer to their grandparents as awful Racists etc. Try Utube

  13. Utube “Is there a future for white Africaners?”See how this is all planned, Communistic, fueled by Liberal Whites, White Privilege, Social Justice etc …Another UTube is about the Riots for Free Tuition, Police Brutality…all are rehearsals for America attacks. These people are serious, South Africa is a practice land, see what their success means re jobs, Freedom, Fear etc..See utube..Violence and private security …after Defunding Police

  14. I’ve been collecting more ideas for mask signage. Some are old hat and well known, but others are rather new, I think. Why? Because I’m pissed off!!

    Original suggestions:

    Wuhan Bugers
    Chinese Snot
    Sum Ting Wong
    Mask Non-essential
    By Order Of Gov. Dim Bulb
    Say It And Spray It
    Kiss My Ass Mouth!
    Are You Dead Yet?
    Coming Right Atcha!
    Stop Staring!
    We’re All Going To Die
    Children Don’t Get It.
    COVID Onboard!

  15. Sorry…this is last one…Hope and Change was the Motto…Free Tuition , debt cancellation and White Privilege was pushed in SA by college riots where there are recordings of terrified Conservatives in barricaded classrooms while Blacks and white Communist hunted them down . This was supposed to happen this year or next here but the Wuhan modified virus ruined the plans..All statues were torn down that were not of Mandela or the ANC.

  16. ‘Stay Angry, Not Dispirited’.

    I’m trying to figure out what percentage of each at this point?

    And it’s a close call…right now!

    Thomas Paine, The Crisis:,thanks%20of%20man%20and%20woman.

    He traveled along with Glover and the 14th Mass Continental, and other regiments, to Trenton after the defeat of Fort Washington, btw the 14th helped to evacuate the Fort Washington occupants, to Fort Lee across the Hudson at Sneden’s Landing, hundreds of feet below the Fort!

    The above was written two nights before the Battle of Trenton, on Christmas Eve, 1776.


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