Stay Classy, Long Beach

KFI: Check out this (disgusting) photo a listener sent to John this morning...

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  1. No sidewalk. Wants everyone to know he has dignity. Wait and get a picture of the guy looking for returnable bottles/cans.😀

  2. One step better then the guy I saw in SF that just dropped his pants and took a dump while continuing walking like a cow. That was also over 15 years ago.

  3. How did they train loony dude to ‘go’
    in a can instead of the street ???
    They are making progress!

  4. Has anybody thought about port-o-pottys ???
    They ain’t that expensive.Every outdoor concert/event
    I have ever been at had them.

  5. I have worked in Long Beach at different places since 1980.
    That is not even close to the worst thing I have seen as far as public “dumping”.
    Fortunately I don’t live in Long Beach.

    Though there are very nice areas in the city, their politics are pretty terrible (not LA or San Fran terrible) but bad enough.

  6. @DrRiff, I know what you mean! I worked graveyard patrol for LBPD through the ’80s but lived behind the Orange curtain until escaping in ’90

  7. I’m so old I remember when cities had laws against spitting on the sidewalk and now apparently shitting and pissing on sidewalks is legal.

  8. @ORWW — Yes, I remember them, too. Sorta gives the phrase “Stinkin’ thinkin'” a whole new meaning to Democrat policies, doesn’t it?


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