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Stay Focused, Frank

Frank Luntz held a focus group of Alabama Republicans for an HBO/ Vice piece that aired Thursday night that only served once again to demonstrate how out of touch the establishment is with the rest of the country.

Pulling the same old trick of asking Christians how they can support a man accused of being so sinful with the young girls, Luntz got a lesson in common sense by the good people invited to sit through his pestering.


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  1. If there were any questions about where Lutz get’s his bread buttered, this does it. He wasn’t performing a focus group, he was there to incite and ridicule.
    Lutz is a putz — in the magnitude of Rove and McCONnell.

  2. He is so fat that he can’t even wear a pair of dress shoes. Sneakers and a baggy fat suit – the new progressive look

  3. How long before he gets bounced from the GOPe payroll?

    Initially, he was interesting as a novelty. Now, he’s a known entity less about providing a platform for people to speak, and more about adding heft to the agenda. Ain’t going to work anymore. You think he (and they) would have figured that out shortly after the election, but I’ve never credited career Rs with an abundance of practical intelligence.

  4. Vice tries to pass itself of as a journalist group when in reality they’re just a bunch of pot smoking skateboarders who accidently hit it big out of Montreal with a magazine and website that idiots (Rogers Communications) with big pockets thought was the next wave. Almost all their shows are about dope, cooking with dope, sending dope-smoking chefs around the world, the history of dope, skateboarding, deserted locations around the world (that you can skateboard at), blackmarket bazaars and terrorism (this is where a few ill-educated hillbillies in trailers with a few guns and nazi flags are equated with ISIS). Their shows do get bought by the networks that are afraid of losing the dope smoking, skateboarding, leftwing, Trump hating demographic. I’m not suprised they’re linked up with some fat turd in a bad suit and WalMart sneakers.

  5. scr_north – Oh that’s right! Vice used to be the History Channel or something like that. It’s awful! Yeah, every other show is dope-related, as I see from the titles as I scroll the channel guide. A waste of broadcast space.

  6. Now I remember that Luntz guy!
    The evening before Matt Lauer was fired, I was on YouTube and a video about the election night came on my timeline. It was the Katie Couric blahblabla on Yahoo!. I started watching it because I like to see the egg on their faces.

    Frank Luntz was there at the beginning and he was absolutely loathsome, he didn’t even realize that those other pompous Liberals were actually making fun of him. Katie with her condescending attitude, saying that she was going to “put him in a diet.”, she even gave him a tomato sauce jar, which he pointed out was store bought.

    Anyway, the only good thing I gathered is that I watched for almost 2 hours, just so I could know about that miner from WV, who impressed me so much with his faith and knowledge. Like Daniel in the lions’ den.


    It’s more liberal brow-beating sharia standards. He can’t believe their propaganda isn’t working as well.

    People who have been harassing women for decades, almost voting in a rapist-enabler and her rapist husband, and who butcher their children -then sell the parts to the highest bidder have no authority to finger-wag anyone.

    Is it better to let the democrats win, then have hoards of head-chopping muslims running wild all over America like Europe? Is that a better alternative?

    Democrats are terrorist enablers, and the conversation is over.

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