Stayin’ Inside

The Bee Gees, redux.

ht/ Jack Duggan Was His Name

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  1. Going to the grocery store is like living in a real life version of Chopped
    – You get four overripe bananas, a loaf of pumpernickel bread and a can of Spam – go make dinner

    But one of the worst aspects of this whole virus experience are the remakes of famous songs with a twist
    – My, my, my Corona – just no

  2. I didn’t think I would be this affected by these lockdown orders. I’ve made my way through all the best house restoration video series on YT and now I’m watching 1940’s-vintage “National Association of Manufacturers” PSA’s.
    After that I’ll be working my way through all the posted series of “All Creatures Great and Small” and catch up on Hercules’ Candy Company’s latest candy-making videos. And the cats are driving me stark, raving mad!

  3. Mr. Anth Ropy
    MARCH 31, 2020 AT 3:09 AM

    “…But one of the worst aspects of this whole virus experience are the remakes of famous songs with a twist
    – My, my, my Corona – just no”

    …hey, I did one of those, wanna see it? I knew that you did, I can tell by the way you said “no” ..

    (to the tune of “My Sharona” by The Knack)

    “Ooh, my little drippy one, drippy one
    When you gonna give me some (slime, Corona?)

    Ooh, you make my nostrils run, my nostrils run
    Busnesses shut down by (DeWhine, Corona)

    Gotta Get TP, Milk for me, and a hand soap pump,
    All of this a lie, we will die, just cause they hate Trump,
    lie, lie, lie, ay, ay, woah!

    L-L-L-lie Corona
    Lie Corona

    Getting much closer, huh, ah, yes sir, huh
    You’re trying tyranny on for size, Corona

    Pushing out your liberty, seems to me
    They took your job and freedom with the lie of, Corona

    Never gonna stop, till you give up, what a despot needs
    Taking more and more, till you’re poor, “it’s for your safety”,
    lie, lie, lie, ay, ay, woah!

    L-l-l-lie Corona
    L-l-l-lie Corona

    Na, na, na, na, na-na
    Lie Corona
    When you gonna take a knee, take a knee,
    It is just a matter of (time with Corona)
    Is it d-d-destiny, d-destiny?

    That freedom we will trade for (safety, Corona?)
    You will sell your soul, for the goal, of security,
    But it’s all a lie, you will die, from their tyranny,
    lie, lie, lie, ay, ay, woah!

    L-l-l-l-l-l-l-lie, lie, lie, ay, ay, woah!
    l-l-l-lie Corona (Corona)
    l-l-l-lie Corona (Corona)
    l-l-l-lie Corona (Corona)
    l-l-l-lie Corona

    Oooaah, lie Corona
    Oooaah, lie Corona
    Oooaah, lie Corona”

  4. Great, I can relate. I Downloaded the vid and will spread it to others in lock-down/isolation who don’t have internet. I’ll wear my N95 made in china defective-knock off mask to be safe, maybe I’ll double up on the new-defective masks to feel extra safe. cough cough, sneeze

  5. It’s great that America can maintain its sense of humor while being destroyed by its “leaders” and a medical hysteria.
    All this shit is unwarranted.
    ALL OF IT!
    Now, thanks to American imbecility, we’ve thrown away our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th Amendment protections.

    They’re easier to lose than to regain.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. New York is the center of this crisis in the US and it must be shut down indefinitely. Maybe for good.
    Do these New Yorkers think their lives are worth more than the entire country. They should never be allowed to bring their infection to any other people. They will have to make the sacrifice for the good of all.

    We will mourn first their riots and chaos, then their passing. But then the rest of humanity can get on with constructing a better tomorrow.

  7. There is a kind of weird sarcastic twist of humor here between “stayin alive and stayin inside”.

  8. It is just ok for me.

    Its too safe.

    It does not insult the & mock the Communist Chinese Party the way everyone should.

    Prefer Crowder’s KUNG FLU FIGHTING – funny, insulting and True

  9. You know if my neighbors weren’t so weird I’d worry about myself.

    Trying not to lash out at family members who are still workng and coming back exposing me – exposing you…sweet caro-carona, my carona!!

    Darn you @ Supernightshade

    How long does the wuhan-flu live on tin-foil

  10. Tim –

    Those amendments are easy to ignore in the SHORT TERM.

    Citizens will only tolerate it for a limited amount of time.

    I do believe these measures are temporary and limited in their suspension.

    Going from American History, You paid taxes to England for a while until the day your Founders had enough in Boston.

    Of all the Politicians i have seen, only DJT is consistently trying to forsee and work towards a return to normal.

    The overly intrusive politicians will be swept from office next election.

  11. Searched for something like “favorite western movies” and am working my way through the list. Yesterday was a re-watch of the newer “3:10 to Yuma”. I don’t remember the original having these new fangled six-shooters than seem to hold a dozen or so rounds. Still, enjoyed the movie.

  12. Kcir – China is asshole,
    We can hope.
    But VA, OR, MD, and some others (I believe) are Legislating them away – so they’ll be far more difficult to recover.

    Oh, and the old saying is “Hope in one hand and … see which one fills up first.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. I’m having a great time cleaning out everything I don’t need and things I didn’t even know I had. My favorite so far is the little tiny papers with passcodes but, no idea what the passcode belongs to.


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